Exhibitor: Association of Hungarian Inventors - MAFE

Inventor and Invention:


NYAKAS, Gábor and GERGELY, Judit: Anti slipping decoration system


1.  The Invention



Anti slipping decoration system


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

Decoration of objects made of glass, porcelain, ceramic, smooth natural or artificial stone with a high-resolution, Pantone natural-color image, in an environment-friendly manner.



Decoration produced as a digital print, applied directly or as a transfer-picture on the surface to be decorated, covered with a transparent coating or sunk in a base coating with a similar substance.



The picture to be used as decoration must be available as a scannable or digital image. The deco-image is produced with a high-power digital printer, using polymer-based, non-toxic colors, directly on the surface to be decorated or as a transfer-picture to be applied later. In order to achieve resistance to wearing, UV light, cleaning materials and other corrosive agents, the applied deco-image is covered with a transparent coating having a similar substance, and burned at 200 oC.



Promotional and ornamental materials with plane or curved surfaces, household appliances, interior decoration, religious objects, individual / personalized decorations.



Production in small series or even individual pieces at lower prices than with conventional methods. High-fidelity coloring. Energy-saving and environment-friendly, using non-toxic materials.


Stage of development.

Suitable for individual, small-series or mass production.


Documentation available:

Folders, product samples upon request. Web page.


2.  The inventor (or inventors)



NYAKAS, Gábor and GERGELY, Judit


Self introduction.



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3.  Protection


Patent Status:

Utility model application





Countries where it is in force



4.      Business intention

Licensing, product sales