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OSBÁTH, Sándor sen., OSBÁTH, Sándor jun. and ZALAI, Tibor: Speed indicating traffic board with analyzing program (CII)


1.  The Invention



Speed indicating traffic board with analyzing program


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

To inform the traffic directing experts about the road traffic. To record the data of vehicles on the road.



It is such a speed indicating instrument in which a data recording unit in built in. The data recording unit records the number of running vehicles, time, input and output speed values, and counts the average speed value. Curves and tables can be made on the basis of the collected data.



They can be located as fixed instruments or mobile ones. Transmitters can be either radars or sensors built in the road. Use of speed indicators with RADARS is recommended on roads with a single lane. It is continuously measuring and indicating the speed from the time of entering the efficient range until the time of leaving the efficient range. During this period it displays at least 10 to 15 times the speed value therefore the decrease or increase of speed can be monitored.

The speed indicators with SENSORS (without loop) displays only one speed value for 4 to 7 sec.

The speed indicators are produced with great and wide displays (300 – 460 mm) therefore their visibility is especially good.

The speed indicators can change their brightness automatically (daily and nightly).  

The speed indicators are produced in a version Slow down!, a version Multifunctional and a version analyzing. „L” SLOW DOWN! version: if the detected speed value is above the allowable speed limit, it is flashing on the display. „M” MULTIFUNCTIONAL version: with civil services (displays and records date, time, temperature, etc.).

A” ANALYZING version: it collects the speed values of the vehicles entering and leaving the given road section and the relevant times. It records the data of approx. 100 000 pieces of vehicles. The collected data can be evaluated by the help of a PC and a special software developed for this purpose. Tables and diagrams can be made during the evaluation. The prepared tables and diagrams are analyzed later on.



By the road.



In case of necessity the traffic directing experts can interfere in the reorganization of the given road section on the basis of the measured data and the tables and diagrams.


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2.  The inventor (or inventors)



OSBÁTH, Sándor senior, OSBÁTH, Sándor junior and ZALAI, Tibor


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