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RAISZ, Iván dr: Electrochemical Process for Decreasing of Pesticide and Cyanide Contamination


1.  The Invention



Electrochemical Process for Decreasing of Pesticide and Cyanide Contamination


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

The mostly of toxic contaminant has not degradation by biological method. The classical chemical processes usually have heavy environmental effects.



We have developed an electrochemical method for decontamination of toxic materials by electro-Fenton reactions. This is the total mineralisation of organic compounds. The reaction agents generation are “in-situ” process in water or waste water system. This is a good method for controlling the decontamination and decreasing of chemical hazards.



The objects of the invention are a reaction parameter system and decontamination process, witch available for top water treatment and wastewater decontamination if these has pesticide and cyanide contaminant. With the available electrode materials and ion selective membrane the hydroxide radicals and Iron(II)-ions “in-site” take its origin in the electrochemical cell. The role of Iron(II)-ions is the increasing of reaction velocity. Optimaizing of mineralisation’s efficiency and reaction time were by the cell volume and electrode potentials. With this process the treated top water and waste water chemical parameters (COD, TOC) ready for EU standard.

The advantages of system we can see in the I. Table, with the different oxidation species. The hydroxyl radical has the highest relative oxidation power.

With the optimisation of electrochemical system, we can obtain a very low COD and TOC level and guarantee the minimalized bacteria number. With this process in the treated water we have not chlorinated toxic compound.



Water plant, waste water treatment.



·        does not increasing of volume of waste water

·        have not using high temperature

·        toxicity reduction

·        do not using chemicals


Stage of development.

Ready for market in laboratory scale, further optimalization of the size and electrochemical parameters for the waste treatment


Documentation available:

Test reports


2.  The inventor (or inventors)



RAISZ, Iván dr


Self introduction.

Dr. habil. Iván RAISZ C.Sc., associate professor at the University of Miskolc, Department of Chemistry


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3.  Protection


Patent Status:

Hu patent application





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4.      Business intention

Introducing the process first in Hungary, and in Europe for the Environmental Industry.