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Inventor and Invention:


RAISZ, Iván and CSERTA Peter: New Fuel Additive


1.  The Invention



New Fuel Additive


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

Until now there were no solution for the emission of the gas-turbines and diesel engines. Previous additives had by-effects, or gave solution only for reducing the consumption.



We have developed a fuel additive for gas-turbines and diesel and Otto engines that forms a thin complex film on the combustion zone. This layer prevents the surface from corrosion, and has an excellent heat-reflecting property. These results act reduction of emission and consumption.



The object of the invention is a fuel additive that could be used for gas-turbines and for diesel and Otto engines. The additive must be injected into the fuel gas of the turbine (80-100 ml for 100 cm of natural gas) or should be mixed with the diesel or gasoline fuel (1:1000). The additive has three effects. The first is decreasing the surface tension of the diesel and gasoline fuel. The second is that during the combustion the additive forms a thin layer on the surface of the combustion zone that has a low friction coefficient, and has an excellent heat-reflecting property. The third effect is that organic nitrogen compound is injected into the combustion and thus decreases the emission of the NOx.  The SEM picture (picture 1.) shows the forming surface on the metal.

Our experience is that no damaging property was seen during the tests neither at turbines nor at diesel/Otto engines



Truck, car, turbine, power plant.



·        min. 10-15% reduction in consumption

·        CH emission of the turbine went under instrument rating

·        CO emission of the turbine went under instrument rating

·        NOx emission of the turbine decreased by 20-40%


Stage of development.

Ready for market, further optimalization of the composition


Documentation available:

Test reports, MSDS, patent registration, PCT registration


2.  The inventor (or inventors)



RAISZ, Iván and CSERTA Peter


Self introduction.

Iván RAISZ C.Sc., associate professor at the University of Miskolc, Department of Chemistry

Peter CSERTA, Ph.D. student at the University of Miskolc, Department of Chemistry


Owner of the invention?



3.  Protection


Patent Status:

Hungarian patent application (No: P0302889)





Countries where it is in force



4.      Business intention

Introducing the additive first in Hungary, and in Europe not only for the diesel/Otto engines but for gas-turbines and power plants also.