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 SUBERT, István: Proceeding for determine the Compaction-rate of granular course and soils


1.  The Invention



 Proceeding for determine the Compaction-rate of granular course and soils


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

 Determine the Compaction-rate by light-falling weight deflectometer, measuring the settlement amplitudes, registrateable the compaction curve of granular material course. We determine the Compaction-rate and the dynamic modulus from this deflection curve gained in situ test. The calculated dynamic compaction rate the same, as the isotopic one.



 We do the compaction of granular course closely to the Proctor-test’s work used inside the laboratory, with a small-disk light-falling weight deflectometer, diameter 163mm.  From the compaction curve one can determine the dynamic modulus and the dynamic compaction rate in one test.



 The apparatus determines the compaction-rate and the bearing capacity (dynamic modulus) in one procedure. The portable easy and small equipment useable in-site investigation for quality control of soils, base courses, railways and road constructions, earthworks, bridge-background layers even the unapproachabble places. The microprocessor integrated apparatus helps to carry out the tests, 50 measures can store in its memory, maybe print in site or upload the results on PC with RS232 connection. To measuring of deflection applies ADXL 150 type accelerometer fabricated by Texas Instruments USA, sharpness within 0,1%.



 Quality control of earthworks, granular base courses, soils, embankments, backgrounds under and after building constructions



 Gives the same results, so it can replace the radiometric compaction measurement and method, which has well known heavy environment and healthy effects, and costs. Do not needs radiometric source, isotopic store, special car, permission for radiometry material and medical attandance of the stuffs. This is the only way, to determine the bearing capacity (dynamic modulus) and the dynamic compaction rate by one test.

The easy, small portable equipment suitable to make the quality control test on bridge- backgrounds, in pit holes, heavy- or unapproachabble places. The sharpness of this dynamic compaction rate is +/-2,0 Trr%, which is much better than isotopic one.  Ideal apparatus for quality control, under and after construction process. The uncompacted layers, places could be determined easily and quickly. Advanced quality control tester for all earthworks, building embankments and backgrounds.


Stage of development.

 Finished innovation, Hungarian manufacturer: FRYTECH Ltd. Fabricating capacity in hungary 50 p/y. References: army, quality controlers, laboratories, contractors. Trade-name: B&C


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2.  The inventor (or inventors)



 Subert, István


Self introduction.

 Dipl. Civil Engineer, Dipl. Transport Economic Engineer, Expert of road pavement structures, Expert of soil mechanics and drainage, Expert of road operation & maintenance, Expert of road quality control & qualifying. 1970-1980 Mining Research Institute, 1980-1990 Institute for Transport Sciences, research engineer, 1990-1997 RODCONT Engineering Ltd. director, 1997-2003 ANDREAS Engineering Ltd. director, 1998- MixCONTROL Engineering Ltd. director. Years 50, publications 36, patent & know-how 23. Married, children 4.


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Patent Status:

 HU Patent pending P 0200715 (EPO under registration)



 26. 02. 2002


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