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SZABÓNÉ KEREZSI Ildikó: Language domino


1.  The Invention



Language domino


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

Learning the grammar rules of a foreign language while playing a game, and connect those with other linguistic skills.



This Language Domino game is an educational tool, using the domino and dice method, to learn the grammar of a foreign language, to expand its vocabulary and to develop the communicative competence. It can be used during lessons in teamwork, language courses, and even as a game played by family or friends. The single language version can be used in any countries, and the two language version can be applied to any languages.



This Education Game is to develop various language skills in the same time. Domino as a game is played all around the world; therefore the method of this game has been applied to this Language Skills Education Tool. During piloting and even in a long term used it has been proven, that playing this Game helps to make the language learning process easier, even for those students, who are having difficulties to learn foreign languages. There are now 7 versions of this Education Tool: Deutsch I-IV. and English I-III. Each box contains 48 dominos, game rules, and glossary and, except English I., III. language-dice and inflection chart.



Language training, game



·        learning foreign language grammar and words while playing

·        situation games can be played by using the words

·        helps the team learning

·        no need to use expensive tools or electricity to play with

·        environmental friendly materials can be used to produce


Stage of development.



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2.  The inventor (or inventors)





Self introduction.

I am a Hungarian-Russian-German language teacher. I work since 2000 on Education Tools to ease language learning. Other major invention of mine, a Hungarian Grammar Interactive Computer Game, called “Adventorous Grammar” won the Golden Price of HUNDIDAC in 2001.


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3.  Protection


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Utility model application in Hungary





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4.      Business intention

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