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SZÁNTAY Judit and SZÁNTAY Georgina: Rolling Numbers


1.  The Invention



Rolling Numbers


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

A novel supplementary tool for teaching the conversion between everyday units of measurement.



A playful, simple teaching device, which facilitates and greatly simplifies the teaching, learning and practicing of unit conversions.



The prototype is preferably a wheel of 21cm diameter, made of cardboard and divided into 7 concentric circles and 8 identical sectors. Each sector represents a digit. All circles have different colors. The outermost circle depicts the chosen metric unit for a given measure. The middle of the wheel represents the chosen unit, to the right of which we find the prefixes in decreasing order(centi, deci, milli) and to the left those in  increasing order (deca, hecto, kilo) The Latin name of a prefix is also depicted in the national language together with its meaning. In the centre of the wheel there is a black and a colored pointer that can be rotated along the wheel. The unit to be converted is always represented in black, while the unit we are looking for is depicted in color. The wheel also comes with 10 small cardboard objects numbered from 0 to 9.;these may be of any suitable shape depending on the target age group



In any learning community or individually.



Cheap, can be fabricated from many types of material (paper, plastic, leather, textile, wood) in any different sizes can be practice. Carried in a pocket or placed on a wall or an exercise book for systematic.


Stage of development.



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2.  The inventor (or inventors)



SZÁNTAY Judit (Ms) and SZÁNTAY Georgina (Ms)


Self introduction.

I am a retired chemistry teacher who graduated from the Technical University of Budapest. My granddaughter Georgina is learning  in a Gymnasium.


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3.  Protection


Patent Status:

Hu patent application



19. 09. 2003.


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