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Inventor and Invention:


SZÉCSI, Balázs: Bordering elements and flower holders - „DROFA”


1.  The Invention



Bordering elements and flower holders - „DROFA”


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

Economical usage of waste wood covered with plastic wire, which can be connected to fences, flower holders, garbage baskets and other articles for personal use. This increases endurance and makes its appearance much more attractive.



The Hungarian products received their names after the wood that is inserted into a wire fence. The name refers to the two basic elements of the product. In Hungarian „drót” means „wire”,  fa” means „wood”. Thus the „DROFA” product name could be „wiwood” in English.



The products are made of painted wood slats (these can be waste slats too) and plastic covered wire fence. The basic product is the „DROFA” fence element, which can be used as a fence,  a protecting coverage, a shading roof, or as any bordering elements.

If we connect several basic elements, we can make a folding fence of any length and shape. Three or more basic elements can form a unit, which can be opened in a harmonica style or if we connect the two ends different kinds of shapes can be created.

Using steel wire circles we can make a garbage bag holder or a planted flower basket from the basic elements.

The shading stand is also a member of the „DROFA” product family.  It consists of the basic element and the cylinder shape baskets. This piece is very practical, looks good and can be used for many purposes. Mainly we recommend it in the summer as a shading roof for cars, sand boxes, selling boots or summer houses.

Our other very popular product is the hanging flower holder which we produce in three sizes. They are made of natural material, their strength and endurance is high. Attached with a roof, the hanging flower holder can be used in the winter as a bird feeder.



Gardens and households



·        The products received in July 2005 an environment-friendly invention award, which proves that their application does not pollute our environment.

·        It is easy to assemble the elements

·        High endurance in outside weather

·        Easy to mobilize

·        Multi shape and multi function possibilities


Stage of development.

Continuously produced pieces, functioning processes anf creation of new products


Documentation available:



2.  The inventor (or inventors)





Self introduction.

I was born in Békésszentandrás on the 3rd of December in 1943. Even today I live with my wife in this small Hungarian village. I have two daughters and two grand daughters. I learned and worked earlier as a bricklayer.


Owner of the invention?



3.  Protection


Patent Status:

Hungarian utility model application (U0300055)



September 20, 2004


Countries where it is in force



4.      Business intention

·        Finding producers

·        Introduction in the market

·        Selling production right