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Inventor and Invention:


 SZERDAHELYI, József dr, Mrs. CSONGRÁDY, Adél: Exercising and conditioning device


1.  The Invention



 Exercising and conditioning device


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

 To make possible with a small, light-weight, inexpensive device a conditioning workout at home. It is favorable to use it even in offices, at rehabilitation and at long-distance driving for compensating the fatigue.



 The FIT-GYM aerobic roller consists of a shaft and a turnable, cylindrical elastic body. In the body there are buffers for inhibiting the slipping of the body into side direction. The surface of this cylindrical body may be plain or has little cones/bosses.



 The FIT-GYM exercises are simple to learn and easy to practice. During the exercises contrary to many other hand aerobic devices - the energy expenditure is variable.
While, for example, with a 1O pounds dumpbell the load is always 1O pounds, with the FIT-GYM the exerted pressing force, depending on actual physical condition may be modified. Further advantage is, that during the workout the aerobic roller exerts massage on the body surface, thus stimulates the microcirculation of the skin and promotes the fat-burning. Since muscle strain increases the muscle mass and the muscular strength, it also greatly improves the endurance and the efficiency of the heart.
The FIT-GYM exercises could be performed by middle-aged as well as elderly people, interested in maintaining and recovering their mobility, physical and mental condition.



 Gymnastic exercises, fitness and aerobic.



The workout with the aerobic roller - to swimming alike - moves all the muscle groups and joints. It assures a continuous and lasting reduction of overweight and improves the health


Stage of development.



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2.  The inventor (or inventors)





Self introduction.

 We are living in Hungary, and are graduated from ELTE University and Medical University of Budapest. Our main topics are applied physiology: exercise and nutrition


Owner of the invention?

Fitness and Toys Co.


3.  Protection


Patent Status:

Patented in Hungary (No. 217 478); U.S.A. /pending/ ; Registered trade mark: in Hungary (No. 158 959), Austria, Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland (International registration No. 726 858).





Countries where it is in force

Hungary, US, EU


4.      Business intention

 Looking partners for import and distribution, licensing.