Exhibitor: Association of Hungarian Inventors - MAFE

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Tibor FARKAS, Antal GASPARICS, János SZÖLLŐSY: Electrosmog detector badge – FluxAve

1.  The Invention


Title (maximum 1 line)

Electrosmog detector badge - FluxAve

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve (maximum 3 lines)

The level of the electromagnetic radiation is one of the most rapidly increasing environmental pollutants due to the usage of consumer electronic devices (WHO). The FluxAve detector badge can indicate the presence of these risky fields.


Description. Give a general idea of what the invention is about (maximum 5 lines).

WHO considers magnetic radiation potentially harmful to humans. The risky electromagnetic fields in our environment can not be eliminated, but we can cultivate prevention by learning about them. The FluxAve badge contains magnetic and electromagnetic detectors with digital analyzer so it can alert you when you, your children or pets enter into risky zones. Due to its very low power consumption you can take it everywhere as your loyal guard.


Presentation. Describe how the invention looks like (maximum 3 lines).



Fields of application (maximum 2 lines)

Baby Care, Healthcare, Pet Care, Education, Marketing, Consumer electronics


Advantages (maximum 5 lines)

In contrary to any traditional measurement device, the FluxAve detector badge is suitable for continuous wearing on the everyday dresses. This property makes it unique since it can take its protection effect even in untested environment: during traveling, in the working place, on the streets or in the vehicles. The simple, lightweight and decorative badge can be also a helpful tool for educational and/or marketing purposes.


Stage of development.

Pre-production item.

Documentation available:  ( ) No   (X) Yes
leaflet, brochure, sample, and website: http://www.fluxave.com

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3.  Protection


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Patent pending: Hungary P0700381, trademark Hungary M0701911
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30th May, 2007
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4.  Business intention


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