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Tibor FARKAS, Antal GASPARICS, János SZÖLLŐSY: Magnetic Imaging – FluxMap (CII)

1.  The Invention



Magnetic Imaging - FluxMap

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

The 3D colorful imaging of the magnetic field spatial distribution was solved by the development of a hand operated device. This tool can be useful for the industry, for the non-destructive material testing purposes.



Invention combines the magnetic vector-field measurement with the optical position detection. The magnetic field distribution can be displayed as a colorful 3D image in real time by the help of the suitable data-acquisition and visualization software tool. This way the quick and easy to evaluate type inspection of the complex material structures become feasible.



The invention consists of a special computer mouse and a portable personal computer. The special mouse contains all the required functional units: the optical position detector, the high sensitivity magnetic sensor and the magnetic exciting system.


Fields of application

Electromagnetic non-destructive testing of materials, magnetic field mapping and visualization, quality control, aviation and oil, gas industries, or nuclear power plants.



The primary advantage of the invention is that it makes possible the quick non-destructive inspection by portable and hand operated measuring probe. It makes unnecessary the application of any sophisticated scanning mechanism. The hand operated probe makes possible also the quick draft inspection of the specimen without the need of the systematic scanning of all defects less areas of the specimen.


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3.  Protection


Patent Status:

Patent pending: Hungary, P0501197, PCT/HU0600025

Utility model Hungary, U30112
1st April 2005
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