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SZOLNOKY, László: Adjustable level, high strength street inlet


1.  The Invention



Adjustable level, high strength street inlet


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

The protruding objects of the road surface are damaging the wheels (tyres, axle bearings, etc.) of the vehicles. The inventor intended to prevent such a damaging problem creating a high strength street inlet construction the level of which is adjustable with respect to the road surface and this way it does not cause bumpiness and does not cause damages to the vehicle wheels.



The object of the invention is a high strength street inlet where the level of the manhole head and its frame can be adjusted to be flush mounted with respect to the crown surface of the road. It is simple and easy to manufacture.



The invention essence is that the manhole head frame is quadrilateral shape and in each one of its four corners there are adjustable lifting screws. These lifting screws can be adjusted from the top surface of the manhole head using a special box wrench to adjust the manhole head level with respect to the road crown. The manhole head frame is made of cast iron while the lifting screws are made of steel. The lifting mechanism is protected by plastic shell during the imbedding in concrete. The manhole head frame has a conical skirt that prevents the four lifting screws to hold the load and transfer it at the shaft wall, instead, the frame transfers the load to the upper, concrete layer of the road crown. The level adjustment of these kind of street inlets can be done until the last phase of the concrete and asphalt laying. This way a high precision level adjustment can be achieved in the order of one millimetre.



This manhole head construction can first of all be used on the public roads to cover the manholes of the sewage and other industrial conduits.



The manhole head represents a solution that facilitates both the rapid installation and level adjustment. It does not bear up at an edge but a conical surface and, this way, the damage of the concrete structure can not be expected due to the load and no frequent road repair is required. Being monoblock design it can be made together with the foundation that facilitates the level adjustment in an arbitrary place and time according to the road crown site conditions. The heavy axle load trucks do not produce bumping when they pass over the invented manhole head construction since it does not tilt. Its use results in a long useful lifetime, since no temporal building required and this way energy can be spared.


Stage of development.

Model, prototype and final products have already been produced.


Documentation available:

Technical drawings, leaflets, video and CD are available


2.  The inventor (or inventors)





Self introduction.

The inventor is first of all a diesel locomotive mechanic. He has a family and he is devoted to the technical progress and acquired graduation in three additional professions. His working style is based on a systematic progress in small steps going from one technical idea to the other.


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3.  Protection


Patent Status:

Patent application (registration numbers: P0500188, PCT/IB2006/050384)



7th February, 2005. and 6th February, 2006


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4.      Business intention

The inventor intends to sell the patent rights, he is looking for manufacturing, marketing partners.