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Inventor and Invention:

THESZ, Janos, BOROS, Bela and KIRALY, Zoltan: Novel Biodiesel

1.  The Invention     



Novel Biodiesel

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve (

During Biodiesel production appr. 10% of glycerol is formed as a by-product that cannot be utilized directly as a fuel. We have contrived a process in which the glyceryl moiety is retained and is converted to a fuel component.



We reduce the molecular mass of biomatter-derived  triglycerides by partial transesterification with esters of low molecular weight  fatty acids, that is, we exchange long-chain acyl functions of oils/fats for short-chain ones, resulting in diminished viscosities and cloud points of the partially modified triglycerides.The process yields a mixture of reduced molecular mass triglycerides and methyl esters of displaced fatty acids (that is, Biodiesel), possessing the required values for viscosities, cloud points, pour points, etc. for Diesel engines. Thus the total enthalpy of biomass triglycerides can be used up as fuel.



Out of 1000 kgs of purified (99%) repeseed oil (with an enthalpy of 39.700 Mj) can be derived:

    Biodiesel                                   Novel Biodiesel


Mass (kg)                                       1.002                                            1.168*

Extra mass (%)                                                                                        16.5*

Enthalpy (Mj)                                40.530                                          43.270*

Extra enthalpy (%)                                                                                     6.8*

Heat of combustion (kJ/kg)          40.450                                          37.050*

Viscosity (cSt, 38°C)                          5- 6                                                 5- 6*

Cloud Point (°C)                                 - 2                                                   - 4*

Spec. gravity (kg/dm, 15°C)              0.88                                               0.89

Cetane no.                                         54                                                   52*

Flash point (°C)                                130                                                130


* depending on the degree of transesterification/amount of free fatty acids present or transesterifying species , these values can be varied


Owing to their favourable properties these novel fuels can be utilized for Diesel engines either neat or in blends with petro-diesels.

Fields of application

As fuels for Diesel engines, heating, etc.


-each and every atom of the biomass triglyceride is utilized for fuel purposes

-at least 10% extra yield of biofuel from biomatter

-by incorporating  the glyceryl moiety no need to handle a by-product

-the novel fuel can be produced in presently operating BD plants

-owing to fewer reaction steps manufacturing costs are significantly reduced

Stage of development

We have verified our concepts via laboratory experiments. At present we are working for scaling up the process.



Documentation available:     (x ) Yes
  Please see our website at:  www.gold-aquapacific.com



2.  The inventor (or inventors)



Janos THESZ chemist, Bela BOROS mechanical engineer, Zoltan KIRALY chemist


Owner of the invention

Janos THESZ, Bela BOROS, Zoltan KIRALY


3.  Protection


Patent Status:
Patent Pending



Febr. 06, 2007 (P0700128),

Countries where it is in force, Hungary

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