Oleg L. FIGOVSKY (Israel)

1.  The Invention
Hybrid Nonisocyanate Polyurethane Network Polymers and Composites Formed there form


Title Nonisocyanate Polyurethane
The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve First industrial technology of PU producing without using isocyanates at any stage of technological and application processes
Description. Nonisocyanate polyurethanes (NIPU) are synthesized by reaction of cyclocarbonate  terminated oligomers and primary amines terminated oligomers without picking out any matters. Usually NIPU  are solvent free compositions
Presentation..Samples of NIPU materials.
Fields of application Protective coatings, monolithic floorings, adhesives, foam, reinforced plastics.
Advantages  Nonporous, low toxic polyurethanes without using dangerous isocyanates. High level of mechanical properties and chemical resistance. No any sensitivity effect at the application. Low temperature curing. High shock and abrasive resistance.

 Stage of development. Production item.
Documentation available: Yes. Full technological documentations, including TDS, MSDS etc.  Brosure.

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


Name(s) Oleg L. FIGOVSKY


Self introduction. Prof. Figovsky is founding partner & director R&D of INRC Polymate; editor-in-chief of journal “Scientific Israel – Technological Advantages”, chairman of UNESCO Chair “Green Chemistry”, honorary professor of VSASU – his personal web-site: http://figovsky.borfig.com/
Owner of the invention?
INRC Polymate (
Israel) & EFM GmbH (Germany)

3.  Protection


Patent Status: US 6,120,905 (2000), WO 9,965,969, CA 2,335,000 AU 4,441,099 and EP 1,088,021
Priority  June 15, 1998
Countries where it is in force, USA, European Union countries, Canada.

4.  Business intention  Licensing. Selling the new product



  1. Contact  Prof. Oleg L. Figovsky, INRC Polymate, 3a Shimkin street, Haifa, 34750, Israel

      Phone: 972-4-8248072; fax: 972-4-8248050; email: polymate@borfig.com or figovsky@netvision.net.il


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