Nicola RICCARDI: Antipollution system NIK

1.  The Invention


Title: Antipollution system NIK

The problem the inventor wanted to solve: Water reduction system for every type of particulate (dusts), temperature and smell sent out by solid or liquid combustion boilers. With this system boilers can burn alternative combustibles such as coal, wood, biomass, naphtha, etc.

Description: The system enables the realization of several models, depending on the incoming polluting load, with a different number of reduction chambers. Further more the system is completed by accumulation devices, filtering treatment and recirculation of the flushing out water, reducing to the minimum the administration costs. It is structured in order not to require particular maintenance, at low working consumption.

Presentation: The capacity of the particulate matters and of the dusts reduction reaches an efficiency of more than 95%, with a small  specific energy consumption.

Fields of application:  Effective reduction of dusts (of welding, cement factories, …) , smells (of tanneries and combustions), temperatures and steams.


Advantages: The new reduction system allows the use of solid combustible, tanneries’ production waste, biomass, wood, coal, naphtha, plant oil, etc. The new above mentioned reduction system enables therefore a clear energy saving respecting the emission parameters in favour of the environment (Nowadays completely compromised)


Stage of development: Production item.

Documentation available:  ( ) No   ( X ) Yes
  Brochure, video.

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


Name: Nicola RICCARDI


Self introduction: I’m a small businessman from over 45 years. In 1992 I was walking around when it suddenly started raining. After the rain I noticed that the air was more breathable and I could feel all the real perfumes of the nature. This gave me the idea to fight the pollution with water, and in 2002 I produced the first NIK.


Owner of the invention? ( ) No  ( X ) Yes

3.  Protection


Patent Status: For the “water device and procedure” plant  in 2003 were made the application for national patent MI2003A000176 and in 2004 THE application for international patent number PCT/IB2004/000705. European patent number 1 601 441 issued 15/08/2007.

South Korea: number 0769281 ISSUED 16/10/2007
Patent pending for the following countries: USA: number US10/547,522 (12/03/2004); Canada: number 2.518.382 (12/03/2004); China: number 200480006670.9 (12/09/2005); Russia: number IB 2004 000705 (12/03/2004, RU 2005128184 ); Japan: number 2006 – 506331 (12/03/2004)

Priority:  The first application was made on October 2002 for a small tannery, using production waste

Countries where it is in force: Italy


4.  Business intention


Selling or licensing in exclusive

5.  Contact


Name ASSEGE S.R.L. (Mr. Nicola Riccardi)

Address: V.le Brianza 20, 20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI), Italy

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