Normunds LAZDIŅŠ: ExMoEx oral cavity hygiene complete

1.  The Invention



ExMoEx oral cavity hygiene complete

The problem the inventor wanted to solve

Compactness, mobility, ergonomity, innovation. Joining together of several oral cavity hygiene means in a one unit. Decreasing of harmful influence of the man on the environment.


ExMoEx is a mobile type oral cavity hygiene complete "seven in one", what joins together innovative toothbrush what supplies toothpaste directly on a had of toothbrush, hygienic case, oral cavity  washing glass, tooth thread, toothpicks, toothpaste container, container for different tolls of hygiene. Complete connects easy to almost any toothpaste tube or attachable included refillable toothpaste container.


Fields of application
Family, adults, children, youths, students, businessmen, tourists and travelers, the military, car drivers, the disabled, in extreme conditions etc.



EXMOEX complete devised for wide fields of application, convenient for people with coordination and movement disturbances, usable in extreme conditions, as constructor sectional in any complectation, light and ergonomic, easy transforms in active state as well as at peace, connects with almost any toothpaste tube, excellent controllable equable toothpaste flow.


Stage of development.


Documentation available:

(X) Yes
web page ; video



2.  The inventor



Normunds LAZDIŅŠ

Self introduction.

Businessman, inventor. One of the founders of Inventors society of Latvia, member of the board.


Owner of the invention?

(X) Yes

3.  Protection


Patent Status:
1. EU patent

2. PCT application for improved model




Countries where it is in force

European Union

4.  Business intention


I am looking for investors or cooperation partners.

5.  Contact



Normunds LAZDIŅŠ


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