LOK, Kamlam: Auto Flush Bolt New

1.  The Invention


Title (maximum 1 line)

Auto Flush Bolt New.
The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve (maximum 3 lines)

To extend or stable rise  mechanism function during the flush bolt moving.
Description. Give a general idea of what the invention is about (maximum 5 lines).

Bolt is user friendly and it always latched the inactive door when the active door leaf is closed. It strike the active latch by strike plate of the active door in a series connection of the mechanisms coupling pushing the bolt projected out off and auto located the strike bolt box back into door jam. And prevent strike bolt jam when bolt back to the box.

Presentation. Describe how the invention looks like (maximum 3 lines).


    And/or provide illustrations, if you wish.
Fields of application (maximum 2 lines)

Most of the public building exit passage way was installed double leaf door.
Advantages (maximum 5 lines)

Convenient and user friendly e.g. automatic latching inactive door of double leaf. Need not used hand to latch compare with conventional type. And also elderly and children just close inactive door and just rigid the whole set of door.
Stage of development. Choose one of the following: text only, design, prototype,
    pre-production, production item.
Documentation available:  ( ) No   ( ) Yes
   If the answer is YES, give details such as: leaflet, brochure, sample, video, website, etc.

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


Name(s) (First name (not in capital letters), followed by FAMILY NAME in
capital letters)

kamlam LOK
Photo. Optional
Self introduction. Optional (maximum 3 lines)

Doctorate degree honor cause for inventor, Taiwan 
Owner of the invention? (Is it the inventor?)  () Yes

3.  Protection


Patent Status:
    - Patent(s) granted

China, Malaysia, Thiland

Priority (date of the very first patent application)

26 Oct 2006
Countries where it is in force, if granted


4.  Business intention




Looking for investor(s).

Selling the new product.

5.  Contact


Name (the inventor or his/her representative, whether an individual or organization)


29,JLN SS2/3, 47300 PETALING JAYA.

Fax (+country/town code, followed by – and number)+603 7876 3072

Tel +603 7877 7170