Prof.Dr.  Gulea Aurelian
Moldova (Moldova Association of Inventors and Rationalizes)

1. Gulea A., Rosu T.,Pahontu E.,Poirier D.,Roy J.,Tapkov V, Rudic , D.Sofroni

Inhibitors  of Cancer cells proliferation  

All ligands and metal complexes were tested as inhibitors of human leukemia (HL-60) cells growth, and the most potent, the Cu(II) complexes, have been also tested for their in vitro antibacterial and  antifungal activities. The structure-activity relationships were carried out


2. Bostan Ion, Dulgheru Valeriu, Sochireanu Anatol, Dicusarã Ion, Bodnariuc Ion, Trifan Nicolae, Ciobanu Radu, Malcoci Iulian, Olevschi Alexandru

Submersible Drive Mechanisms for Extraction Complex of Ferro-manganese Concretions from the Planetary Ocean bottom

The Ferro – manganese concretion concentration from the Planetary Ocean bottom lying at the depth of 5000-7000 m constitutes 15...75 kg/m2. The extraction problem of these deposits can be efficiently solved through the usage of the precessional transmissions in precessional drive mechanisms. Increased bearing capacity and reliability, assured by high multiplicity of the gearing, very large kinematical possibilities (i=8...3600) have favoured the elaboration of a large range of submersible driving mechanisms for the extraction  complex.


 3.Busmaciu I.,Godoroja  P.,Busmaciu A,Railean S., Manascurta G.,Iluta I.,Lupan I., Trifan V.,  

Orthodontic  technique for diatlization of teeth

This invention is in the field of orthodontics and dento facial orthopaedics. The method proposes the distal movement of 4 permanent teeth:the canines, premolarsand the first and the second molars. In comparison to the existing methods and appliances, the proposed method reduces  the treatment time necessary for the correction of dental arch defects.The result of the invention is that it has no effect on the anterior segment of the maxillary arch and uses intraoral and extraoral forces together on the teeth moved.

4.Parii A., Rudic V., Diug E.,  Crudu D., Erhan A.

 Treatment for vaginal biocenoze

BioR  drugs obtained from biomass of alga  Spirulina Platensis(Nordst) Geitl , include anhydride lanolines, semisynthetic  glicerides.BioR suppositoiries of 10 mg are used intravaginal during 10 days for the disbiosis vaginal treatement


5.A. Lupasco ,V. Tarlev; A.Gulea, M. Bernic,  N. Tislinscaia , M. Raducanu, Gh.Osoianu,V. Balea;
Drying the cleared seeds of a pumpkin.
In this work is proposed to use as object of drying the cleared seeds of a pumpkin.
Thus drying process is spent at the combined supply of heat: convection + UHF. It
will give the chance to accelerate the process of drying seeds and to create sterilizing effect. In this case, dried seeds can be used in medicine and as vegetable oil containing raw materials.


6. Fala  V., Fala Valentina , Burlacu V., Gligor C.,Rudic V.,

Osteoplastic  Materials 

The  invention  deals with methods and procedures of obtaining of new osteoplastic materials useful for regeneration processes in ribs also for surgery and stomatology


7. Sofroni D., Gutu L., Tenner Katja, Cernii A.,Todiras M,Cardaniuc Corina, Bader M.

Marker for endometrial cancer

Cancer of the endometrium is the most common gynecologic malignancy and accounts for 6% of all cancers in women. Our goal was to investigate the correlation between tryptophan hydroxylase-1 (Tph-1), the enzyme that catalyses the first step in the synthesis of serotonin, and endometrial cancer. Using Ribonuclease Protection Assay (RPA) method we analysed the level of mRNA for Tph-1 in tumours from 162 patients with endometrial cancer and in 54 non-cancer endometrial specimens. We identified that in more than 70% of endometrial cancer the level of mRNA for Tph-1 was increased 2-100 folds in comparison with non-cancer endometrium. Additional, the levels of  mRNA for Tph-1 in non-cancer endometrium and subjacent miometrial layer from cancer and non-cancer patterns were comparable. We suppose that mRNA level for Tph-1 can be used as a tumour marker for endometrial cancer.


8. Toderas I, Movila Al, Munteanu N, Tokarev J, Silitrari Elena, Botnaru A.

 Biological method for Ixodid ticks pest control

The method includes ticks infestation in natural foci by biological agent – imago of Ixodid ticks, collected from natural population – which have been infected by pathogenic fungi Beauveria bassiana. The result consists in numerical reduction of ticks in natural foci by close contact with biological agent – the infected tick with pathogenic fungi. The process is original and cheap. Fields of application are veterinary medicine, farming system, parasitology.


9. Topala Stefan,  Dadu Constantin,  

 New Vine  Genome

New Vine Genome was synthesized from the chromosomes of culture species VITIS-VINIFERA L and  from the chromosomes of the spontaneous  species VITIS ROTUNDIFOLIA MICHX.


10. Iorga Eugen,  Gulea Aurelian , 

Selenium containing food additives

Coordination compounds of some biometals with substituted selenium compounds , displaying high anticancer activity, have been obtained using the directed synthesis method with spirulina  platensis.


11. Bostan Ion, Dulgheru Valeriu, Bostan Viorel, Sochireanu Anatol, Ciobanu Oleg, Ciobanu Radu, Dicusarã Ion, Ciupercã Radu

Floatable Micro-hydropower Station with Adjustable Hydrodynamic Blades

Micro-hydropower station provides kinetic energy conversion of river water into mechanical or electrical energy without building barrages. Increased efficiency is provided by blades aerodynamic profile and their optimum position for efficient conversion of water kinetic energy.  Micro-hydropower station comprises a platform mounted on floatable bodies and anchored to the bank with the possibility to adjust its position concerning water level; a rotor with vertical axis and blades with aerodynamic profile, which is connected kinematically via a multiplier to an electric generator with permanent magnets and an impeller/rotary pump; a device for blades positioning towards water streams direction, which contains Know-How elements. Blades positioning provides water energy conversion on all blades simultaneously, in any position.


12. Tighineanu I, Monaico E, Enache M., Sirbu L, Burlacu Al,  Albu S,  Ursachi V.

Nanotubes in semiconductor matrix   Platine nanotubes and nanowires with controlled wall thickness were produced in semiconductor nanotemplates.

Nano tubes in matrice   semiconductrice


13. Rudic V, Toderas I., Gulea A.,Furdui T.,Derjanschi V., Ichim M.,Bulimaga V.,  Bogdan V., Gudumac V.,  Ciochinã V.,Zagareanu A

New remedies for bees

  New advanced technologies of new generation of sanogenic products for apiculture APISPIR and BioRsp were elaborated. They demonstrate an antiviral and antimycotic action, fortify immune status of bees, increase quantity and quality of apiculture products. 


14. A.Kirilov, S. Toma, P. Kintea, N. Bujoreanu, E. Kirilova, R. Cozmic, S. Bashtovaya, O. Kharciuc, S. Shvets et oth


There are proposed three environmentally friendly biologically active compounds from the steroidal glycosides class – preparations Moldstim, Mestim and Ecostim, along with the technology of their application for increase of resistance, productivity and yield quality at grape and apple. The present method application ensures optimization and increase of plants water status stability, effectiveness of water usage, formation of fruit buds, yielding capacity on 10-20% and its quality. The preparations are used in small concentrations and do not need additional costs, as could be used simultaneously with plants treatment against pests and diseases.

The preparation quantity needed for treatment of 1 ha:Grape – 15-20 g, Apple – 20-30 g


15. Ciubotaru Anatol , Cebotari  Sergey, Cheptanaru E.,  Baranciuc S.,Repin O.,Corcea V., Maniuc L.,Tudorache I., Haverich  Axel

The new pulmonary heart valve obtained by tissue engineering      

Non-immunogenic cell-free valvular scaffolds obtained by methods of tissue engineering have proved to induce in-vivo guided tissue regeneration and represent a promising valve substitute especially for children. It is the first clinical usage of “fresh” decellularized pulmonary valve (PV) homographs in paediatric patients.


16. Ghidirim Gh., Rojnoveanu Gh., Rusu S., Mishin I.,  Gagauz I., Gurghish R., Zastavnitsky Gh., Vozian M., Tsintsari S., Guzun S.

New method of  hemostasis and liver regeneration.

The obtained results demonstrated a high hemo- and biliostatic efficiency of the sealant - first report regarding albumin-glutaraldehyde sealant.


17. Duca Gheorghe, Lupaºcu Tudor

Nouveaux produits antioxidants à la base des produits secondaires vinicoles ont été synthétisés, en utilisant comme matière première des énotanines et l¢acide tartrique. Les composés obtenus possèdent des propriétés antioxidants bien prononcées


18. Paraschivescu Andrei, Cecal Alexandru , Gulea Aurelian

Catalysts for obtaining ecological fuel

Elaboration of new efficient catalysts in base of p, d and f-elements which being irradiated with secondary products from power atomic station radioliticaly decompose  water. In results we obtain hydrogen as ecological fuel.


19. Bejenari Vasile,   Gulea Aurelian

 Iodine and Selenium containing mineral waters

Coordination compounds of some biometals with substituted selenium compounds , displaying high anticancer activity, have been obtained using the directed synthesis method .




New antianemic, and immunomodulator food bioadditives were elaborated, using biomass of microalgaes with directed biochemical composition


21. TABARNA Gheorge, DORUC Andrei, DORUC Serghei , TABARNA Andrei et ell

Treatment of tumeurs

Treatment of tumeurs The invention refers to medicine, in particular, to oncology and may be used for carry out the thyroidectomy in case of malignant tumor of the anterior parte of the neck,on the trahea , below the thyroid isthmus


22. Prisacari Viorel, Gulea Aurelian, Tapcov Victor,Buraciov Svetlana

New antibacterial agents

Agents antibactériens Des composés organiques nouveux , qui font part de la classe de sulfanilamides avec une toxicité basse et une activité bactéricide prononcée contre les microorganismes grampositives et gramnégatives


23. Alternative-current high voltage divisors.

Daniliuc Ion, Colpacovici Iulian , Vladimir Cleimenov

The method relates to the field of electric measurements and may be used for transmission of the electric resistance unit from the primary standard to collective standards, for check-out of the accurate voltage and current dividers, as well as for measurement of the current voltage, resistance etc.


24. Spinu Constantin, Scoferta Petru, Spinu Igor, Romancenco Elena, Chintea Pavel

A method of influenza prophylaxis

The meaning of the proposed method includes use of the autochthon medicinal product “Pacovirina-Plus”, which has the antiviral, interferonogen, immunomodulation and anti-oxidant activity during the pre-epidemic and epidemic periods. The product is of vegetal origin, does not manifest carcinogen, teratogen, toxic and allergic action, it  shows  the efficacy comparable to the last generation anti-influenza products. It is manufactured by   S.A.Farmaco” and is implemented in medical practice, practically the product is free of contraindications, does not develop adverse events, it is accessible for children and adults for treatment and prophylaxis of influenza.


25. Popovici M., Ciobanu Lucia, Popovici I., Ivanov Victoia, Syrbu S., Kobets V.

The blood SR-Ca-ATP-ase determination – a new method of acute myocardial infarction diagnosis.

The sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca-ATP-ase is a protein mounted in the SR structure  unfound normally in the blood and is sequestered out in necrotic lesions of the myocardium. We’ve elaborated a method of purified monoclonal antibodies to SERCA2A obtainment which using the ELISE test led to the establishment of a new biochemical marker of the acute myocardial infarction competitively to other such as mainly TnT, CK-MB. Its efficiency was closely confirmed in 54 patients with well documented acute myocardial infarction. Comparatively to TnT marker SR-Ca-ATP-ase does not appear in the blood in nonnecrotic myocardial damages or in extracardiac pathologies that may be a real tool of the biochemical assessment fortifying of the acute myocardial infarction.


26. Gulea A. Granciuc Gh.

Adduct of Zinc Trifluoracetate with γ-Picoline

The research refers to a new chemical biologically active composition – adduct of zinc trifluoroacetate with γ-picoline, the general formula [Zn(CF3CO2)2(γ-Pic)2], which can be used in medicine, in particular, to stimulate regenerative processes in tissues affected by parodontitis.

The technical results of the research consists in the fact that the use of the composition, the adduct of zinc trifluoracetate with γ- picoline, ensures (as compared with the prototype), the increase in activity of phosphatase alkali within the osseous tissue of parodontitis by 53.0 % and that of aryl sulphаtase A and B by 19.6 %. The effect of the proposed composition consists in the following: the diminution of atrophy of alveolar apophysis, i.e. the symptoms of occurrence of atrophy of alveolar apophyses decrease by 6.4 %, while the intensity indices decrease by 21.2 %; the increase of calcium and phosphorus in the osseous tissue of mandible by 11.9 % and 18.0 %, respectively which indicates the stimulation of metabolism by these mineral substances.


27. Granciuc Gh. Godoroja P. Granciuc A. Granciuc V.

Supra-periostal dental Implant with intra-bone rods

 The problem that solves the presented invention consists in creation of optimal conditions for the metallic structure of the implant for a better contention which conduct to a more successful use of dental prothesis.

The essence of the offered invention is that the metallic structure is supplementary fixed in the bone of alveolar process with 4-5 rods of titanium, threaded and inserted by drilling, in the alveolar bone in transversal bearing, thus permitting a better contention to the alveolar process.

The novelty consists in the fact that in the lingual and vestibular sides of the metallic structure, in transversal direction, there are  two holes  (the vestibular one is threaded) which permits to screw the necessary number of transversal rods. In this way a better contention of the implant is achieved.