1. The invention


            Title: CANDLEPADS


            The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve: A candle and a candlestick doesn’t match usually


            Description: The Candlepad is a simple though highly efficient tool that          enables you to place a candle “firmly” in an upright position in a chandelier.


            Presentation: The Candlepad is normally a cross. The thickness is varying.  It            is made of flame–retarding, synthetic fibres and is covered with a lair of      aluminium/metal foil.


            Fields of application:


            Advantages: The Candlepad is completely new, safe and easy to use, no       leaning candles, no more annoyance, benefits safety, available in various       colours.




            Stage of development: In production



Documentation available: Yes, see website


2. Inventors

            Bernard GEERDINK, Amat GEERDINK


            Photo: --


            Self introduction: Beam Inventions BV (1998) is set up with the intention to realize ideas and convert them into useable products.


            Owner of the invention:

            B.H.M. Geerdink

            Sophiaweg 141

            6564 AB Heilig Landstichting / the Netherlands

            Tel.: 0031 (0)24 3600732 or 0031 (0)6 54 34 44 14


3. Protection

            Patent Status: granted

            Priority: March 11, 2005

            Countries where it is in force: Netherlands


4. Business intention

            Looking for firms to sell the product.


5. Contact

            Beam Inventions

            Amat and Bernard Geerdink

            Address: Sophiaweg 141, 6564 AB Heilig Landstichting, Netherlands

            Tel.: +31-24- 3600732 or +31-6-54-344414