Robbert MAES: Enclosure for a desktop computer comprising grip means 


1.  The Invention


Title Enclosure for a desktop computer comprising grip means


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve Provide an enclosure for a desktop computer which is easier to lift, carry or move around and therefore also easy to manipulate for maintenance and the like.


Description. The invention provides an enclosure for a desktop computer characterized in that at least one of the walls comprises grip means for easy manually lifting and carrying the computer by hand. The grip means consists of an aperture without protruding parts with a grip box or a confined cavity, preventing the touching of inner electrical parts.


Presentation. The invention looks like a desktop computer with some new parts consisting of apertures with grip boxes.


Fields of application. Lifting, carrying and manipulating desktop computers for transport or maintenance.


Advantages. Since the desktop computer is easier to handle, carry and manipulate, transport is easier. Also dropping of a desktop is less likely which decreases the risk of damage.


Stage of development. Prototype

Documentation available:  (x) Yes

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


Name(s) Robbert MAES
Photo. --

Self introduction. Private inventor
Owner of the invention? (x) Yes

3.  Protection


Patent Status:
- European patent pending   

Priority: april 2008
Countries where it is in force:

4.  Business intention: selling the patent or licensing

  1. Contact:

Name: Robbert MAES

      Address: Grote Sloot 296, 1751 LJ Schagerbrug, the Netherlands

      Fax: +31-223-696020 / phone: +31-223-696301