Corné RIJLAARSDAM: Dutchdam, a demountable flood barrier installed at the place of need

1.  The Invention



Dutchdam, a demountable flood barrier installed at the place of need.

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

The standard of technology is panel barriers which needs warehousing, transportation and installation using nuts and bolts, taking a lot of time, labour and risks.

The Dutchdam offers a fast deployable flood wall stored in its own foundation duct.



The Dutchdam is a demountable flood defence, stored on location which allows immediate deployment. The panels used are secured to each other and to the foundation, both horizontally and vertically, which gives the Dutchdam a unique safety standard. The system can be placed over long distances and is capable to take traffic load in closed position.



Fields of application

In case river banks, dikes or quay walls do not offer enough height to prevent for flooding, the Dutchdam emergency flood barrier offers a very safe and economic solution.


A heavy test programme has been executed by WL_Delft Hydraulics commissioned by the National Water Board of the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management according to the best Dutch hydraulic engineering traditions.

It confirmed the high energy absorption capacity of the structure as the base for safety and stated the improvement of the total costs of ownership compared to panel barriers.

Stage of development. In production, additional new structures in development.

Documentation available:
A brochure, a video showing the test program executed by WL_Delft Hydraulics, an animation film about the way the flood barrier is set up and the website

  1. The inventor







Self introduction

Senior industrial designer, managing director Dutchdam BV

Owner of the invention: Yes

3.  Protection


Patent Status:
Series A; priority date;  March 2000 

Granted: NL 10.17.109, USA 7,033,112, pending: EU 01 917 975.3


Series B; priority date;  December 2004

Pending: CH 200580047723.7, JP 2007545396, AU 2005312406, USA 7.033.112 and EU 05.822146.6


Series C; priority date;  July 2008, pending NL  800543.7


Dutchdam: pending trademark  

4.  Business intention


Cooperation / investor / implementation of the new product.

5.  Contact


Name Corné Rijlaarsdam
Address: Boddens Hosangweg 84

NL 2481 LA Woubrugge, The Netherlands
Fax: 0031.172.51.8087 - Tel: 0031.172.51.8088