Wim STENFERT KROESE: ConSensor Strength Sensor for Hardening Concrete

1.  The Invention


Title ConSensor Strength Sensor for Hardening Concrete


The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve For builders it is important to know the strength of concrete while it is curing (hardening). Existing methods (maturity system) are not very accurate and unpractical to use.


Description. An electrode with temperature sensor is embedded in the concrete when it is poured. An (external) sensor attached to the electrodes measures temperature and conductivity of curing concrete. The data are sent (GPRS) to a web server which calculates the strength. The builder can see the strength development on a private page on the website.


Presentation. See illustration (below)




Fields of application (maximum 2 lines) Construction industry, production of concrete products such as sewage pipes, floor elements etc.


Advantages Information about the development of the strength of young concrete (1 – 28 days) is the basis for decision making about removing of formwork or the application of pre-stresses. ConSensor offers the most reliable non destructive method for determining the strength, independent of the weather and other environmental conditions.


Stage of development. pre-production

Documentation available:  brochure, website

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


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Owner of the invention? Ceo of the company that owns the invention

3.  Protection


Patent Status:
Patent granted

Priority 1999
Countries where it is in force, USA

4.  Business intention


Selling the new product (Licensing; Cooperation optional)

5.  Contact


Name ConSensor BV; c/o Wim Stenfert Kroese (ceo)

Address: P.O.Box 4223; 3006AE Rotterdam, Netherlands
Fax +31 10 4768647    Tel +31102440738

E-mail: wsk@consensor.eu