IDRISSA SOULEY Hassane Dr.: High speed manner to install mosquito net and  booths

1.  The Invention


Title (maximum 1 line) Quick”: High speed manner to install mosquito net and  booths
The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve
(maximum 3 lines)

To use a mosquito net in a cement house is very difficult because we must fix some support on the floor wich can dammage  it, to attach the mosquito net.  . With the « quick », the new system,  we can install a mosquito net without whole on the floor. We must only embed metallic tubes one into an other and having a standing support to attach the mosquito net.

Description. Give a general idea of what the invention is about (maximum 5 lines).
It is a good tool to use mosquito net easily everywhere and everytime


Presentation. Describe how the invention looks like (maximum 3 lines).

The disposal stand  like a booth
Fields of application (maximum 2 lines)

Struggle against malaria

Advantages (maximum 5 lines)

We can us mosquito net everywhere and every time quickly
Stage of development. Choose one of the following: text only, design, prototype,
    pre-production, production item.

Documentation available:  ( ) No   ( x) Yes
   If the answer is YES, give details such as: leaflet, brochure, sample, video, website, etc.

2.  The inventor (or inventors)



Name(s) (First name (not in capital letters), followed by FAMILY NAME in
capital letters) Dr. IDRISSA SOULEY Hassane

Self introduction. Optional (maximum 3 lines)

University Professor
Owner of the invention? (Is it the inventor?)   ( ) No  (X ) Yes
    If the answer is NO, indicate the name of the owner (person, company, etc.)

3.  Protection



Patent Status:
    - Patent(s) granted and/or patent(s) pending (= applied for, but not yet granted).pending OAPI AREA

Preferably give name of country, and the number of the patent.    - Utility model, industrial design, trademark
Priority (date of the very first patent application)  04-02- 2005
Countries where it is in force, if granted

4.  Business intention  Cooperation


Selling the patent? Licensing? Cooperation? Cooperation
Looking for investor(s)? Selling the new product? Other?