SOULEY Issaka: The TORDA: Improved disposal to raise heavy charges without effort.

1.  The Invention


Title (maximum 1 line (maximum 3 lines): The TORDA: Improved disposal to raise heavy charges without effort.


Description. Give a general idea of what the invention is about (maximum 5 lines).
To raise heavy thing we use heel with many effort and complicated technical tool.


The « TORDA » is an heel that we can use easily without effort.


Presentation. Describe how the invention looks like (maximum 3 lines).

It is a lever with several pulleys joined one to another with  a rope.

So that  the raising of the weigth is very easy


Fields of application (maximum 2 lines)

Transport and irrigation

Advantages (maximum 5 lines)

We can use it to take up water from river or well and to put it easily in a tank.
Stage of development. Choose one of the following: text only, design, prototype,
    pre-production, production item.

Documentation available:  ( ) No   ( x) Yes
   If the answer is YES, give details such as: leaflet, brochure, sample, video, website, etc.


2.  The inventor (or inventors)

M. SOULEY Issaka


Name(s) (First name (not in capital letters), followed by FAMILY NAME in
capital letters) SOULEY Issaka

Self introduction. Optional (maximum 3 lines)

Young Student
Owner of the invention? (Is it the inventor?)   ( ) No  (X ) Yes
    If the answer is NO, indicate the name of the owner (person, company, etc.)

3.  Protection



Patent Status:
    - Patent(s) granted and/or patent(s) pending (= applied for, but not yet granted).pending OAPI AREA

Preferably give name of country, and the number of the patent.    - Utility model, industrial design, trademark
Priority (date of the very first patent application)  - 2007
Countries where it is in force, if granted

4.  Business intention  Cooperation


Selling the patent? Licensing? Cooperation? Cooperation
Looking for investor(s)? Selling the new product? Other?


Save this completed form (file name must be country name_family name of inventor) and send to until 30 September