Philippines Miss Yasmin E. ESPIRITU Suzhou Submission Form 


ESPIRITU Yasmin E. And Dr. Virgilio L. MALANG: Combination Wrench, Pliers and Screwdriver 


1.  The Invention (1st of 3)

     Title   Combination Wrench, Pliers and Screwdriver   

     The problems the inventor(s) wanted to solve  Keeping separate tools to do related jobs.

     Descripton.  This industrial design for a combination tool has the advantages of convenience and lighter weight over separate tools to do the same jobs.

      Presentation. Comprising a wrench and  a plier member, each having a jaw section and a handle section. However, the pliers handle includes a screwdriver member formed at its point end.   

      Fields of application.   General do-it-yourself carpentry and handyman work.

     Advantages   This arrangement provides for an increased lever arm or torque in use. Also, the plier member may be used as a lever arm  which is ideally located for this application.  The                                       screwdriver blade point extends slightly  more than the jaw of the wrench section so that                                           both handle sections may be held together  and the tool used in that configuration as a screwdriver.

     Stage of development.  Prototype

     Documentation available:  Letters patent.

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


      Name(s) Dr. Virgilio L. MALANG and Yasmin E. ESPIRITU

      Photo. NA

      Self introduction. NA

      Owner of the invention? Yes


3.  Protection


    Patent Status:   Industrial Design Philippines Patent No. 3-2007-000015 granted 2007 July 2

                                                                                                                                                          Priority (date of the very first patent application)                                                                                                                            

    Countries where it is in force, Philippines


4.  Business intention Any and all commercialization options


5.  Contact

      Name  Ms. Yasmin E. ESPIRITU

Address: 8 Adelfa St, Tahanan Village, Paranaque City, Philippines                                                         Fax (+632) 8426662  Tel (+632) 8255935 E-mail: