Philippines Miss Yasmin E. ESPIRITU Suzhou Submission Form 


ESPIRITU Yasmin E. And Dr. Virgilio L. MALANG: P. guajava Effervescing Vaginal Insert 


1.  The Invention (2nd of 3)

     Title   P. guajava Effervescing Vaginal Insert     

     The problems the inventor(s) wanted to solve  Since all women are going to experience a          vaginal discharge at least once in their life, this invention addresses the gap in alternative                                           herbal to western medication, compelled by both safety and efficacy reasons.

     Description.    Using effervescence for delivering an effective amount of ethnobotanical P.         guajava in a film-like adherence to both the cervical and vaginal lumen sides of a vagina  for a            sustained period without having to be supine, unlike conventional inserts.


      Presentation. In 350 mg ovoid vaginal inserts for insertion using the fingers.    

      Fields of application.   As topical  antiseptic in  gynecology and  other fields of clinical                                  medicine

     Advantages    Faster onset of action  effervescingly dissolving in less than 3 minutes.              Adherence to vaginal vault  enables user to carry on chores and daily activities and not                                       just remain supine. Extremely well tolerated.   No local or systemic side effect; action not                                            impaired by the presence of pus, blood, or serum. Does not smear nor stain.                                                   

      Stage of development.  Prototype

     Documentation available:  Letters patent.

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


      Name(s) Dr. Virgilio L. MALANG and Yasmin E. ESPIRITU

      Photo. NA

      Self introduction. NA

      Owner of the invention? Yes


3.  Protection


    Patent Status:   Invention Patent Philippines  Patent No. 1-2000-036454 granted 2007 Nov 26

                                                                                                                                                          Priority (date of the very first patent application)                                                                                                                            

    Countries where it is in force, Philippines


4.  Business intention Any and all commercialization options


5.  Contact

      Name  Ms. Yasmin E. ESPIRITU

      Address: 8 Adelfa St, Tahanan Village, Paranaque City, Philippines                                                        Fax (+632) 8426662  Tel (+632) 8255935 E-mail: