Philippines Miss Yasmin E. ESPIRITU Suzhou Submission Form 


ESPIRITU Yasmin E. And Dr. Virgilio L. MALANG: Lollipop Fortified with Multivitamins and Minerals 


1.  The Invention (3rd of 3)

     Title     Lollipop Fortified with Multivitamins and Minerals

     The problems the inventor(s) wanted to solve  Filling the nutrients gap between actual               consumption and the required energy and nutrition intake in nutritionally challenged children. 

     Description. This is corrective nutrition disguised as a lollipop to appeal to and ensure                compliance by consuming children. Specific one-a-day nutrients supplement for those with             or at-risk for deficiencies  .


      Presentation. Hard ball candy on a stick.    

      Fields of application.   Nutrition in children, particularly, in making up for a poor diet due to food insecurity in the Third World.

     Advantages     Disguised as candy but in fact corrective nutrition rectifying to optimal daily nutritional allowances for kids. No artificial flavors, no color additives.  Just high-potency, well-balanced nutrition in a pleasant tasting, kid-friendly hard ball candy on a stick.  A practical impact solution to the chronic poverty diet inflicted on innocent replacement generations of humanity.

      Stage of development.  Prototype

     Documentation available:  Letters patent.

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


      Name(s) Dr. Virgilio L. MALANG and Yasmin E. ESPIRITU

      Photo. NA

      Self introduction. NA

      Owner of the invention? Yes


3.  Protection


    Patent Status:   Utility Model Philippines Patent No. 2-2006-000513 granted 2007 July 9

                                                                                                                                                          Priority (date of the very first patent application)                                                                                                                            

    Countries where it is in force Philippines


4.  Business intention Any and all commercialization options


5.  Contact

      Name  Ms. Yasmin E. ESPIRITU

      Address: 8 Adelfa St, Tahanan Village, Paranaque City, Philippines                                                        Fax (+632) 8426662  Tel (+632) 8255935 E-mail: