JUDILLA, Roel John C. and Virgilio MALANG: SMART Bomb Disposal Robot (CII)

1.  The Invention



SMART Bomb Disposal Robot

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

  1. make the robot accessible to the society
  2. create a robot that is easy to operate and versatile
  3. disposable and compose of parts available locally



The invention is intended as a device that will aid the bomb technician to perform neutralization techniques for explosive devices. The bomb technician will be able to accurately manipulate the robotic arm and gripper as well as the movement of the robot thru the aid of sensors which are digitally controlled thru a computer program.


  1. dimension is 3’ x 2’ x 2’
  2. 24 vDC power supply and remotely operated

Fields of application

  1. military and police explosive identification and disposal
  2. search and rescue operations in hazardous area



  1. requires less number of hours for training to operate
  2. 100% of the parts are sourced out locally (concern on availability and replicability)
  3. accurate movement due to digital controls and sensors
  4. cheaper compared to imported bomb disposal robot


Stage of development.

Production item

Documentation available:  ( ) No   (√ ) Yes
  leaflet, brochure and video

2.  The inventor (or inventors)



Roel John C. JUDILLA, Virgilio MALANG




Self introduction.

Roel John C. Judilla, Associate Professor of the School of Mechanical Engineering of the Mapua Institute of Technology.

Owner of the invention? ( ) No  (√  ) Yes

3.  Protection


Patent Status:
Utility Model Patent Application No. 2-2007-000303 is under process and pending



September 2007

Countries where it is in force


4.  Business intention


Licensing and cooperation is the preferred business model

5.  Contact


Name Roel John C. Judilla and Virgilio Malang


Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila, PHILIPPINES
Fax +632-527-5161   Tel +632-527-6166