Saudi Participants Invention Description


Name of Patentee

Abdulrahman Almasoud

Title of patent

Mid-point Technique for wading Protection


It requires to add a middle terminal in a winding then connect the two equal half parts of the winding in opposite direction through a voltage relay. Relay will be on if voltage difference not zero.

Patent number

372 ( Saudi Patent Office)


Name of patentee

Abdullah Al-Sadoun

Title of Patent

Water Rationalizing Tube


Innovated pipe for rationalization, part from it is highly connected to heat in order to enable the user to know water temperature by touch. it is linked from one edge by  hot and cold water spigot, and the other edge with a spigot to direct the wasted water and to return it the terrestrial treasurer in five certain cases.

Patent Number

05260157 (Saudi Patent Office).