Drago JURIC: Use Of Electro Blasting Caps In Gassy Mines

1.  The Invention


Title Use Of Electro Blasting Caps In Gassy Mines
The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve The new regulative rule is suggested, that will ban the production and use of  instantaneous detonators (number designation “0”)
Description. If we announce Electro Blasting Cap “1” to be EBC “0”, it will receive the necessary amount of energy in initial 4ms, while being active for 34ms, which is higher value of even malfunctioning Electronic Blasting Machine impulse. This way, the danger of firing the methane produced by sparking of the cable endings is avoided.
Fields of application Mining in gassy mines
Advantages Avoiding
Stage of development. text only
Documentation available:  ( ) No   (X) Yes

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


Name(s) Drago JURIC
Self introduction. Owner of company that produces Electronic Blasting Machines
Owner of the invention? ( ) No  (X) Yes

3.  Protection


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4.  Business intention



Ban the production and use of  instantaneous detonators.