Guideline on How to Fill out the Suzhou Submission Form

 Obrad ZELIC: Ozosept

1.  The Invention



Ozosept (solution, gel and spray for mouth and thoath inflamation) (maximum 1 line)
The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

Treatment of gingivitis, parodontopathy, aphthae, ulcerative stomatitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis if used in more concetrated form, and also neutralizing bad breath in more diluted form. To be produced in very concentrated form so that the one pacage could last longer.

(maximum 3 lines)

The first oral antiseptic invented in Serbia. Composition: 100g of solution contains – 350mg thymol, 720mg benzoic acid, 250mg menthol, 0,35ml methyl-salycilat, 10mg eosine. It sooths the symptoms of gingival diseases and diseases of mucose membrane of mouth and throath. It works against bacteria and fugus and has deodorant effect. Weather as solution, spray or gel, it is recommendet to be used multiple times per day and can be used by children over 12 years of age.

Give a general idea of what the invention is about (maximum 5 lines).

Ozosept solution: a box (commercial pacage) containing a bottle of 100ml of concentrated solution. Ozosept gel - a box containing a tube of 40ml of gel. Ozosept spray - a box containing a bottle of 100ml of diluted Ozosept solution with a spray aplicator.

Describe how the invention looks like

(maximum 3 lines).
Fields of application

Application: Solution - dilute with water in proportion 1:5 (gingivitis, parodontopathy...), or in proportion 1:10 (bad breath) and gargle sevaral times per day. Spray:diluted solution is spread out several times per day  Gel: apply on sensitive spots (aphtae, ulcers in mouth). (maximum 2 lines)


The researchers showed, and long-term use among dentists confirmed basic advantages of Ozosept line of products. High efficiency in prevention and supportive therapy of periodontal diseases. Absence of common side effects Chlorhexidine gluconate, therefore Ozosept does not generate reduction of tongue perception, temporary parenthesis, and coloration of dental fillings or teeth. It was used by several thousands of patients and it has never showed any side effects, discomfort or allergies. The variety of three pharmaceutical forms (solution, gel, spray), provides differentiation and adjustment of treatment. Finally, it is cheaper than other oral antiseptics.

(maximum 5 lines)
Stage of development. Production item.
Documentation available:  ( ) No   (+) Yes
   If the answer is YES, give details such as: leaflet, brochure, sample, video, website, etc.


See attached materials for laflet and brochure.


2.  The inventor (or inventors)




(First name (not in capital letters), followed by FAMILY NAME in capital letters)
Self introduction.

Obrad Zelic PhD is a regular professor of parodonthology and oral medicine at the Belgrade University, Faculty Of Dentistry, and a  guest professor at faculties in Moscow, Yerevan, Toronto, Winnipeg, Athens, and Jerusalem.  He has published over 200 scientific papers in Serbia and 70 in foreign publications. He has also published 12 monographies and textbooks so far. PhD Obrad Zelic is a major innovator in the introduction of new healing preparations and for his achivemnets he was revarded a National award for inventions Nikola Tesla- Mihailo Pupin, gold award 2003.

Optional (maximum 3 lines)
Owner of the invention? (Is it the inventor?)   ( ) No (x) Yes
Ownership is shared between Prof. Dr Obrad Zelic (inventor, and owner of patent) and pharmaceutical company Pharmanova from Belgrade (manufacturer of Ozosept line of products).

3.  Protection


Patent Status:
    - Patent(s) granted and/or patent(s) pending (= applied for, but not yet granted).
; Serbia; Application Number: P-252/93, Application date: 14.04.1993.

      Public Notice Number: Pat no. 48538, Issue date 01.07.1998.

Preferably give name of country, and the number of the patent.
    - Utility model, industrial design, trademark (see attached materials)

Priority 14.04.1993. (date of the very first patent application)
Countries where it is in force, if granted,

Republic of Serbia, Federation of Bosnia an Hercegovina, Former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, Republic of Croatia, Republic of Montenegro, Republic Of Slovenia

4.  Business intention


In cooperation with Belgrade based pharmaceutical company Pharmanova it is in production for over 15 years. It is open for licensing. Prof Zelic also has in plan new products in Ozosept line (toothpaste, etc.) and is looking for investors in that part.

Selling the patent? Licensing? Cooperation?
Looking for investor(s)? Selling the new product? Other?