Suzhou Submission Form

1.  The Invention



The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve The present invention refers to a device for sharpening chain saw teeth, in particular a chain saw which is portable and applicable in the field, and where the chain is not to be taken off the chain saw blade when being sharpened.

Description. Small portable sharpener is device which we put directly on leaf of a chainsaw, then (with help of oscillate mechanism) we sharpen first one and latter the opposite side of teeth of chainsaw. The advantages of this device are: simple usage, safety, the teeth are after sharpening very sharp …




Fields of application: industry, forestry …


- simple usage

- it’s applied directly on working place

- excellent sharpening

- actuator can be either electric motor, supplied with electricity from electric mains or a battery, a pneumatic motor or a hydraulic motor

Stage of development. production item.

Documentation available: (X) Yes
 leaflet, video, website

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


Name Drago ČENDAK


Self introduction. Inventor, entrepreneur and director of Regional Inventors’ Centre for Primorska Region, Slovenia

Owner of the invention? (X) Yes

3.  Protection


Patent Status:
    - Patent(s) granted.
WO2005053889, EP1697079

Priority Publish date: 2008-02-01

4.  Business intention


Licensing, partnership, cooperation.

5.  Contact


Name: Ana Hafner, Inovatorski center ASI (Inventors’ Centre ASI)

Address: Šutna 40 A, SI-1240 Kamnik, Slovenia
Fax +386 1 831 73 84      Tel +386 41 999 904