Suzhou Submission Form

1.  The Invention



The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

For production of energy we are using many natural sources (water, wind, coal, sun …) but nobody didn’t get an idea yet of using human power as a source for producing energy.


Description. Many people in developed world are taking care for their health with sport activities. When practicing sport people are loosing energy. The question is, could this energy be captured and used? Mostly this is not possible because human energy is too week. But for instance in fitness centers, where are a lot of sport devices and a lot of people who are using them at the same time, it would be possible, for example, to heat water with human energy.

Presentation. Elementary model is stationary bicycle with small generator, which transforms mechanical energy (from our leg or hand muscles) into electric. This energy could be used either for warming water or for lighting.


Fields of application Ecology. Potential users are first of all schools (as an educational expedient), but could be developed for application in fitness centres too.



Educational meaning: Basic models could serve as an expedient for demonstrating to scholars how hard is (for human) to produce energy. For instance, children could learn how much energy is needed for heating small boiler for 100C, but first of all they could become more aware of the importance of responsible consumption and environmental protection.

Stage of development. text, prototype

Documentation available:  (X) No  

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


Names: Obrad DABIĆ, Ana HAFNER

Self introduction. Obrad Dabić is electro-engineer and inventor, owner of several patents, improvements and awards for innovations. Ana Hafner is sociologist, in this year she’ll start working on doctoral dissertation from sociology of creativity. 


Owner of the invention? (x) Yes

3.  Protection


Not protected, free to use.

4.  Business intention



5.  Contact


Name: Inovatorski center ASI (Inventors’ Centre ASI)

Address: Šutna 40 A, SI-1240 Kamnik, Slovenia
Fax +386 1 831 73 84      Tel +386 41 999 904