Suzhou Submission Form

1.  The Invention


Title: Device for relaxing the spine

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve: inventor wanted to make a device which is comparable by efficiency with existent devices that are already used in physiotherapy and manual therapy, but it’s smaller, cheaper and could be used also at home.

Description. With new device it is possible to quickly and efficiently deal with problems of sudden (acute) or cronical occurrence of pain in the lower back or neck area, and when the pain is also being felt in extremities (Lumbalgia, Lumboishialgia, Hernia disci), by means of immediate distension (relaxation of the vertebrae) of the spine. The device is useful regardless of the cause of pain in the spine (functional or somatic).


Presentation. It has completely electronic functioning, it can be dismantled.


























Fields of application Physiotherapy, self-help. The potential users (buyers) are: all rehabilitation centres, health institutions, physiotherapies, fitness and sport centres, individual users.


- double usage (Perl and Glisson together)

- it could be operated only by one person

- functioning: electro-motor, remote control, electronic measurer of vertebrae stretch power

- safety, smallness, mobility, stability, it can be dismantled

- inexpensive making


Stage of development. final product (but not serial produced yet)

Documentation available:  (X) Yes

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


Name(s) Milena POTOČNIK

Self introduction. Milena Potočnik is a physiotherapeutics with 30 years of experiences in physiotherapy and manual therapy. In years 2006 in 2007 she patented two inventions which constituted the new device for relaxing the spine.


Owner of the invention? (x) Yes

3.  Protection


Patent Status:
Patent(s) granted (2 patents)

4.  Business intention


Licensing or other agreement with potential producers and sellers.

5.  Contact


Name: Ana Hafner, Inovatorski center ASI (Inventors’ Centre ASI)

Address: Šutna 40 A, SI-1240 Kamnik, Slovenia
Fax +386 1 831 73 84      Tel +386 41 999 904