Suzhou Submission Form

1.  The Invention


Title Automatic-manual fire-extinguishing system

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve to combine manual fire extinguisher and stable fire-extinguishing system in order to increase applicability of manual fire extinguisher.


Description. With special quick clamp we can unite manual fire extinguisher and fire-extinguishing system for stable extinguishing. System can work both, as a classical manual fire extinguisher or as a stable fire-extinguishing device. It looks like classical manual fire extinguisher, but at the same time it’s stable fire-extinguishing device. Its activation could be either automatic or thermic or manual.


Presentation. The system consists of: a manual fire extinguisher, a special quick clamp, a tubular divide with nozzles for stable extinguishing.


Fields of application: The invention can be used almost everywhere, but first of all in computer rooms, electro cabinets, archives, vehicles etc.

Advantages The manual fire extinguisher becomes active and serves for its purpose 24 hours a day. We can protect some rooms or components. The main advantage is early detecting of fire, consecutive we reduce expansion of burning and the damage. The manual fire extinguisher we can still use as a classic manual fire extinguisher.


Stage of development. Prototype, final product.

Documentation available: (X) yes.
   Leaflet, video

2.  The inventor Stopar Jože


Name Jože STOPAR

Owner of the invention? (X) Yes.

3.  Protection


Patent Status:
    - Patent granted.

4.  Business intention


Selling the patent, cooperation, selling the new product.

5.  Contact


Name : Jože Stopar
Address: Pot na Armes 40, SI-8281 SENOVO,
Fax 0038674972247      Tel  003867497124