Suzhou Submission Form

1.  The Invention



The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

- to reduce a quantity of waste material deposited to refuse dumps

- to increase recycling of packing material

- to promote enterprising on the field of protection of natural sources


Description. The innovation is realization of complete, efficient and user friendly way of separate packing material collecting. The existent methods of waste collecting (a system of ecological islands) are not efficient enough, but with new system of “collecting package empties into one yellow package” had shown much higher efficiency. This idea arise from a presumption that waste material could be fully recycled only if it’s originally separated, but for this end it’s not necessary to sort fractions into separate dustbins. With this innovation users can separate waste material directly at home.



- ”yellow bag”

- bag is printed with visual instructions for entering fractions of waste material

- bag has a binding tape, it measures 50 L or 100 L, it’s transparent yellow



Carting off package empties from before home’s door


Perfect recycling


Fields of application

All homes, small and middle enterprises



·         all empty package is separated immediately at the place of origin

·         filled yellow bag can be put „before door”

·         reducing the quantity of mixed waste material

·         this system is economically, socially and ecologically more appropriate than existent system

·         transport of yellow bags is economically more efficient, there are no costs for infrastructure of waste collectors and space troubles

Stage of development. production item.

Documentation available: (x) Yes
leaflet, brochure, sample, website (,

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


Name Marinka VOVK



Self introduction. Inventor is doctor of science form a field of ecology of waste. She leads a company for solutions in reducing the waste. She is also an expert adviser for ecological legislation in MSP.

Owner of the invention? (x) Yes

3.  Protection


-          Copyright, 07. 09. 2006, Ljubljana, Slovenia

4.  Business intention


Looking for partner for promotion of recycling. A part of finances, received by separated waste collecting, would be intended for marketing for responsible consumption and program of public awaking.

5.  Contact


Address: SP. PRELOGE 55, 3210 SLOV.
Fax (+386 3 752 0791)      Tel +386 3 752 0790