Suzhou Submission Form

1.  The Invention


Title: Ecoremediation - Systems and Methods for sustainable Environmental protection

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve:

Ecoremediations (ERM) comprises methods of protection and restoration of the environment by means of natural processes existing in ecosystems. ERM technologies combine natural, co-natural and artificial ecosystems for protection of environment.


A holistic approach to management of catchments areas prevails, which envisages consideration and integration of all stressors within a hydrological defined watersheds instead of monitoring of individual sources. The first step in all activities is identification and prevention of further pollution and the next step is establishment of original state of the environment where ecosystems exist in a dynamic balance.



This includes point and non-point pollution sources. It is obvious that it would be difficult to ensure the setting up of expensive high technology solutions. Application of ERM methods offers the opportunity of fast adaptations to new legislative requirements. At the same time it represents an economically viable solution in less developed regions and for different pollution sources (agriculture, landfill leachate, motorway run-off) where treatment by devices that require complex operating processes and a constant source of energy is virtually impossible.

Fields of application:

Agriculture, protected areas (Natura 2000), water supply, waste management, economy, long life learning, education, sustainable development.



Due to its characteristics (undemanding technology, low financial inputs and environmental friendliness), the proposed technology can be applied throughout various region, as the problems related to surface water quality are serious and existing everywhere.


Stage of development. production item.

Documentation available:  (x) Yes
   leaflet, brochure, sample, website

2.  The inventor (or inventors)


Name: Danijel VRHOVŠEK



Self introduction. Danijel Vrhovšek, PhD, Professor, university teacher, is the founder and the manager director of company LIMNOS. Area of research and applicable work: purification of sewage water using constructed wetlands, conatural sanitation of dumping grounds, lakes management, defining ecologically acceptable river water stream, environmental research and estimating impacts on environment.


Owner of the invention? (x)Yes

3. Protection


Copyright – in procedure

4.  Business intention


Looking for investor(s)? yes

Selling the new product? yes

Other? search for a business partner

5.  Contact


Name:  Prof. dr. Ana Vovk Korže, International Centre of Ecoremediation, University of Maribor.
Address: Koroška c. 160, SL-2000 Maribor
Fax +386/2/229 36 25      Tel +386/2/229 3859     mobil:+386 51 622 766