Sri Lanka

Mudalige Don Hiranya Jayasanka SENAVIRATHNA, Kariyawasam Don Nandasiri WEERASINGH:  Computerized Automatic Raingauge System (CII)

1.  The Invention


Title Computerized Automatic Raingauge System

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve: The problems associates with current

available Raingaugesystems and flood warning system for disaster management.

Description. Precise recording of the rainfall in respect to, intensity, duration and amount, is essential  to assess the variation of  rainfall associated with the present climate change scenarios. Such records are much needed for the planners  in different activities including the disaster management programs. In order to address the above issues  an initial step has been taken by us  to design and test a prototype of a low cost  Automatic recording rain gauge  coupled to  a computerized recording system.


Presentation. It is cylindrical equipment which consists of two main parts (Rain Capturing funnel and rainfall measuring part. The equipment connects to the Computer via a cable.

Fields of application Its directly associated with Meteorology and it also associate with Disaster management, Agriculture, Water management etc.

Advantages Easy calibration and adjustable Measuring height is providing user to customize the Raingauge in to their requirements. The software associated to the system could use for the flood warnings because software has capability to make automatic flood warnings by comparing current rain status with pre entered flood data.


Stage of development. prototype, pre-production

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2.  The inventor (or inventors)



1.      Mudalige Don Hiranya Jayasanka SENAVIRATHNA

2.      Kariyawasam Don Nandasiri WEERASINGHE

Self introduction.

1. Working as a Scientific Assistant of Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka. I am an Inventor, Designer and a Creative thinker.


2.    Senior professor in Agric Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna. Inventor and a supervisor of several innovative researchs

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3.  Protection


Patent Status:
    - Patent(s) granted – 14312
    - Utility model

Priority (21/05/2008)
Countries where it is in force, (Sri Lanka) international search report is pending.

4.  Business intention


Licensing or Cooperation