Michail GOUGEL: New technology for producing Bio-etanol


1.                                                The invention

Title: New technology for producing Bio-etanol

The problem: To make a cheap production technique.

Description: It is a stainless tube covering a chamber with a chemical material The crystals adsorbs alcohol and releases by heating 850 C.

Fields of application: Distileries

Advantages: Simple to handle. Produce ethanol in fewer steps than traditional distilation.

Stage of development: pre-production

Documentation available: (Yes). Website, Scientistic reports.


2.     The Inventor

Name: Michail GOUGEL

Owner: (No), Globelive International AB, Sweden


3.     Protection

Patent granted, EU and USA


4.     Business intention



5  Contact

Globelive International AB,

Hammarby allé 3, SE- 12 32 Stockholm