Michail GOUGEL and Viacheslav SAMONIN: Air condition system


1.     The invention

Title: Air condition system

The problem: To make a dry climate when the outdoor humility is extreme high

Description: A traditional air condition system is completed with a chamber containing a new kind of absorption material, which can absorb extremely high content of water out of the air.

Fields of application: All types of climate systems, specific in arias with high humility.

Advantages: Give dry and cold air instead of traditional climate with high humility

Stage of development: ready for production

Documentation available: (Yes). leaflet


2.     The Inventor

Name: Michail GOUGEL and Viacheslav SAMONIN

Owner: (No), Globelive Environment AB, Sweden


3.     Protection

Patent granted, EU


4.     Business intention



5  Contact

Globelive Environmental AB,

Hammarby allé 3, SE- 12 32 Stockholm

C/o Initsia Sverige AB phone +46 8 643 10 31