Rolf Hesböl: Technology for producing bio-fuel from waste


1.     The invention

Title: Technology for producing bio-fuel from waste

The problem: To take care of all kind of waste, which has a high content of coal

Description: Using a thermal rector with a high temperature steam reformer, a specific filter of iron powder and a catalytic converter, one can making ethanol from syngas

Fields of application: Industrial applications

Advantages: Eliminate all problems with heavy metals in waste and make a cheaper production of ethanol for bio-fuel.

Stage of development: Scientific research

Documentation available: (Yes). Leaflet


2.     The Inventor

Name: Rolf Hesböl

Owner: (No), IPF Bioenergy AB, Sweden


3.     Protection

Patent granted USA, Sweden,


4.     Business intention



5  Contact

IPF Bioenergy AB,

Framtidsgatan 3, SE-362 73 Ängelholm