Akkachai DUANGJAI: Transfer of Local Aquatic Animal Aquaculture Production Technology to Highland Communities, Nan




1.       The Invention


Title  Transfer of Local Aquatic Animal Aquaculture Production Technology to Highland Communities, Nan

The problem the inventor(s) wanted to solve

The agriculturist on Mountainous  Regions in Nan, Thailand.  Now begin meet depletion food protein source  problem from especially the fish, because of, the environment that is appropriate the reproduction of fish was destroied down, with the growth of agriculture part, fish cultural  then is new way for solve a problem  food depletion of villagers


Training of Soro brook carp (Neolissochilus stracheyi Day, 1871)  push to agriculturist on Mountainous  Regions  purpose for source  food protein cheap production and be of good quality for agriculturist who have the a little income feeding fish, uses the a little asset,  the food that give agriculturist fish can seek and can produce by oneself because of  Soro brook carp can have feed both of the plant and the aquatic animals  the fish has improvement grow rate in Mountainous  Regions, besides feeding fish still is forest source of a river preservation remain



Soro brook carp reproduction can easy, when maturation states fully breed both of  female and  male can inject synthetic hormone encourage egg ovulation  and sperm artificial fertilization (modified dry method) leaves has improvemen grow rate in low water temperature,   or leaves can have a feed both of the phytoplankton and animal  such as  termites and earth earthworms


Fields of application

Application for Fishery  Biology, Aquaculture,  Fishery  Management



Training agriculturist to breed Soro brook carp, make the agriculturist on mountainous  regions has increase protein food affect the way adds to build feeding occupation  and in rows development format way feeds the fish becomes pillar occupation build the income to the communities  grow the conscious gives agriculturist helps each other to heal source of a upper river forest of Thailand


Stage of development.  Prototype

Documentation available    ( X ) Yes


2.     The inventor (or inventors)

Name Akkachai DUANGJAI

Owner of the invention? (Is it the inventor?)   ( ) No  (X) Yes

Protection    Patent Status: no

3.      Business intention   Selling the new product


4.     Contact

Name  Mr. Akkachai DUANGJAI

Address:  Department of fishery, Faculty of Science and Agricultural Technology, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, Nan,Thailand.

Tel: 66-54-710259 Fax: 66-54-771398
E-mail: Mr_Fisheries@hotmail.com



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