Anthony Wedgewood Benn: THE FRONTBENCHER


The inventor: The right  honorary Anthony Wedgewood Benn

                         Known as:   Tony   Benn


Mr Benn has been a Labour Party member of the British parliament for fifty years and  Minister of Technology in the 1960 – s,  responsible for the affairs of the CONCORDE  supersonic airliner. 


The problem:We are getting older and the airport more and more crowded. Nowhere to sit down.



The solution: Carry a RUCKSACK for the permitted one piece of hand luggage. The rucksack is furnished with a collapsible  seat  which you open in the departure hall of the airport, the waiting room of a railway station, on the train or at the bus stop. Outdoor events of the grandchildren’s school or fishing on the riverside or anywhere else.  The seat is built into the fabric of the rucksack and in its closed state it adds very little weight to the luggage and it is within the standard aircraft hand luggage measurements.


Status  Patent has been applied for. Prototype have been made and  manufactures intending to make it on an industrial scale are invited to make arrangement through


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