Individual Entry Form Information

Yankee Invention Exposition Booth

International Federation of Inventors Associations -IFIA

Suzhou, China, October 16-19, 2008


Invention Entry form

1. The Invention - Self Installed Portable Operational Press on Glass Blind

·        The problem to be solvedMy replacement new door with glass in the middle compromised                     my privacy. I have be searching, to being told that “nothing” was available other than “they can put a square blind over the oval glass” screwing it into my expensive door. Also not being       portable made it impossible to clean the window. This way not desire of mine. Since invention is    the mother and matter of necessity, consequently I have a totally new design invented as a solution.

·        DefinitionA unique modern product providing for an adjustable, removable operational                                  press on glass. Day and night portable blind.

·        Presentation:


·        ApplicationThis 21 century blind will be made with suction cups built into the frame of the Venetian              blind that will be faced the glass, so that it is easily self applied by simply pressing the suction cups onto               the glass. Not needing any tools or halls.

·        AdvantageSelf installed. Removable. No tools required. No installation needed. Of most importance                   is the low manufacturing cost of GLASS-COVERED BLIND and accordingly it will attract millions                    of potential users.

·        Stage of development2 prototypes (made in wood )

·        Documentation availableInternet Web side:


2. The Inventor(s) :



·        Self introduction: I am a simple person with simple needs. I love to be creative and make life easier for myself and others who can affordably be independent by doing things themselves.



·        Name(s): Vincenza Barresi




3. Intellectual property protection 

·        Form: U.S. Patent – Pending Priority:

·        Countries where it is in force: USA


4. Business intention-  Finding  a Company that wants a new product for the 21 Century, with ability to produce and take it to Market  affordably with-in-do  it yourself  outlets ( ex: Home Depot, Low’s, retailers, etc…)