Individual Entry Form Information

Yankee Invention Exposition Booth

International Federation of Inventors Associations -IFIA

Suzhou, China, October 16-19, 2008


Invention Entry form

1. The Invention (title)  Mighti-House™                                                                                              

·        The problem to be solved: (maximum 3 lines)

Mighti-House provides a technique for assembling and equipping model houses in the tradition of model cars, trains, boats, trucks, etc., it’s a building set.  It can make can make a standard set of houses with optional interlocking, cabinets, counters, and sinks

·        Definition: (maximum 3 lines)

Mighti-House™ is a modular, multiple models building set to make model houses, play houses, and miniature houses.  It’s made to scale and has interlocking features that allows interior elements to be added so as to support a user’s complete design discretion.

·        Presentation: Attached                                                                                                                

·        Application:

It’s a building set for model buildings.  As a model house, nine year-olds and above can assembly, decorate, equip, and furnish it in an hour.   It’s scalable – can be made a two-story - and can be enhanced with dormers, fireplaces, garages and it easily disassembles.

·        Advantages: (maximum 3 lines)

Mighti-House™ requires an hour to assemble, not weeks.  You can change its style or décor dynamically.  All rooms are accessible from the front, back and top.  It can be equipped with optional cabinets, counters, stairs, and sinks that go in and come out easily.

·        Stage of development:  The product is patented, prototyped, and trademarked                              

·        Documentation available: Patent,  detailed specifications,

2. The inventor(s)

·        Name(s): George M. Norfleet

·        Self introduction:  I’m a 56 year-old Washington, D.C. resident with a degree in economics.  I retired after 23 years as a manager for a large telecommunications company and I am an author and publisher with a book - A Pilot’s Journey – Memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman.

3. Intellectual property protection (some words)

·        Form: U.S. Patent Number 6073404 and I have a trademark for the product.                     

·        Priority:  ????? Patent then Trademark                                                                                        

·         Countries where it is in force: United States of America, Canada, and Mexico

4. Business intention (maximum 3 lines)

My primary goal is to sell the patent to a toy company, specialty product company, home construction related company, miniature-house company, architectural company or any other interested party.  My secondary goal is to license the product to any of the above.

George Norfleet – Inventor

U.S. Patent N0. 6073404