VEDRES András speech

at the Opening Ceremony of Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart


Your Excellencie, the President of Taiwan, distinguish honoured guest, IFIA memebers, fellow inventors, ladies and gentlemen,


I am András VEDRES, the president of the International Federation of Inventor's Associations IFIA.  Let me extend a warm welcome to the guests, the visitors and the inventors of the Taipei Invention Show & Technomart for the inventors of the world.   The IFIA has members from 83 countries.  The oldest member of the IFIA is the Association of the Swedish Inventors and celebrates its 120 years anniversary in October this year.  The youngest member association has been established in the last week in Montenegro, a new country and, they are at the "baby stage".  There are associations with many of members.  And while various associations registered in the third world are represented by only a few inventors.  By contrast some countries like the USA and Germany have more than one inventor's association. In your beautiful island there are three well organised inventor's associations thay are also members of the IFIA.


As the president of the IFIA I know very well the activities of the inventors in the different countries.  Taiwan is in this respect one of the Asiatic Great Powers. This is shown by the number of patent applications they annually submit to Europe.  In the 2005 list Japan stands first, South-Korea second, and Taiwan is the third, even ahead of the People Republic of China, India, Malaysia and other Asian countries.  Let me congratulate you on the excellent position.  One cannot forget that in the era of the globalisation, countries can only achieve satisfactory economical development when their inventions are protected on a comprehensive basis. This work must be extended and strengthened.


IFIA is one organisation that is building the future where almost all goods and services are based on inventions.  The goods and services have already been born in the mind of the inventors.  A certain portion of these ideas have come to light at this show.  Some help is also required to realise the show.  This helping hand has been extended to participating inventors and organisers including the IFIA.  I would also like to express my gratitude especially to the personnel of the TAITRA Offices in Budapest.


The IFIA shows several inventions from four European countries, which are Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary and Romania. You can obtain further information in the IFIA booth on how to acquire patents in European countries by SBG&K patent law office.


Finally let me say a few words to introduce myself. I am Hungarian. And for me it is very significant to be able to come to Taiwan on the 23rd of October since it is the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising. In 1956 the Hungarian people rebelled against Soviet troops occupying our country, taking up arms. I have been in the streets of Budapest when we, the young boys, invented the "Molotov cocktail" against the Soviet tanks.  The container was actually a wine bottle filled with gasoline  which had a cloth stopper that extending from the neck of the bottle. Even though this weapon was very efficient, Soviet superiority in number of troops and weapons eventually overcame us. And though we endured decades of communist dictatorship it was the leaders of your nation who inspired us. And this is why I pay homage to both your spirit and to the 50th anniversary of Hungarian freedom fight of 1956.


Finally, I wish to my fellow inventors to find good partners for the utilisation of their inventions here in the show.


Thank you for your kind attention!