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Women Inventors

Published by IFIA
the International Federation of
Inventors' Associations

First published   2000
Updated   September 16,  2002


Creativity knows no frontiers, no age, no gender.

(Farag Moussa, President of the International Federation of Inventors' Associations - IFIA)

We did not invent women inventors, nor do we hold a patent for their history. Women inventors have always been around. Women's inventiveness is as old as feeling cold and feeling hungry, but often represented as part of the landscape - so obvious, so natural, that we hardly notice it".

(Jette Sandah, Director of the Women's Museum in Denmark, organizer of an exhibition in 1991 entitled  Women Inventors 1896 to 1990)

… it's always the same old story, they say women have no genius (except for emotions), no ideas (except for futility). People complain that society, because of its ruthlessness, kills thousands of little Mozarts every year, but never has a word for all the little Marie Curies drowned in the kitchen sink…

(Laurence Deonna, Swiss woman author)


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