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& Their Inventions

Published by IFIA
the International Federation of
Inventors' Associations

First published   August 23,  2002
Updated   August 24,  2002

These 3 cartoons, each by a different woman artist, are reproduced from IFIA
Publications N4, 1997, 84 pages, entitled Cartoonists & their inventions.
This publication includes most of an IFIA exhibition, which is composed of
some 115 non-captioned cartoons on inventions by 62 artists (men and women)
from 36 countries. The exhibition was displayed for the first time in Geneva, in 1997.

Marie Plotena
(Czech Rep.)
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Brigitte Schneider (Germany)
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Cartoon_Spain_Maria_Colino2.jpg (24738 bytes) Maria Colino (Spain)

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