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(Women Inventors Network)


IFIA-WIN, a brainchild of IFIA, was created in September 1994. It has no formal organizational structure.  IFIA Secretariat lends its support.

Nobel Prize winner Dr Rosalyn Yalow, is an Honorary Member of IFIA-WIN.  Her discovery of "radioimmunoassay" (1956-59), a revolutionary invention, is a powerful tool for the determination of virtually any minute substance of biological interest and is used in thousands of laboratories around the world.



Encourage inventor associations to develop activities of interest to women inventors;


develop cooperation among women inventor associations and promote the creation of similar organizations;


highlight and recognize the creative power of women;


motivate women and girls to participate in the fields of science and technology.

PRINCIPAL MEMBERS OF IFIA-WIN are women inventor organizations or sections for women in inventor associations. At present, these exist in 10 countries: Argentina, Canada, Cuba, Finland, Iceland, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Philippines and Sweden.



Any other women's organization that supports the objectives of IFIA-WIN, and becomes a corresponding member of IFIA. The annual membership fee varies from US$ 50 to 200.


Any woman (inventor or not) who supports the objectives of IFIA-WIN and becomes a corresponding member of IFIA. The annual membership fee is US$ 50.



Contact details
IFIA Secretariat
P.O. Box 299, 1211 Geneva 12, Switzerland
FAX (+41 22) 789 3076,   e-mail: invention-ifia@bluewin.ch

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