World Competition of Green Inventions

  27- 30 October 2011, Nuremberg, Germany

connected to the IENA International Trade Fair "Ideas - Inventions - New Products"


Last Update
November 2
,  2011 

Venue: Messezentrum Nürnberg, Hal 12


There is no prosperity without innovation, no innovation without inventions and there are no inventions without inventors. The innovation is controlled by the profit. The profit raise ignores everything still the ecology too. Therefore some invention resulted in environmental harmful as leaded fuel or organofluorines etc. But the better part of the inventions protect the environment, these are green inventions.

"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew..." (Marshall McLuhan); So come on Inventors, let's go save this world, before it's too late.

Green inventions

As the name implies a green invention is one that has a "green" purpose. Green inventions are environmentally friendly inventions that often involve: pollution-determination, energy efficiency, recycling, safety and health concerns, renewable resources, and more.

Inventors should know that green inventions and clean technologies are good business now. These are fast growing markets. Consumers should know that buying realized green inventions can reduce the energy bill and that goods based on green inventions are often safer and healthier products.

World Competition of Green Inventions

The World Competition of Green Inventions is introduction, evaluation forum and market palace of the environmentally friendly inventions organized by the Internatioanl Federation of Inventors’ Associations – IFIA and hosted by the International Trade Fair “Ideas-Inventions-New Products” – IENA, Nuremberg (27-30 October 2011).



The participant items should be green inventions which were presented on the IENA. 2011. The participant applications were registered by the IFIA.

The accepted registered green invention were total 58 items.  

Korea, Republic of
Saudi Arabia

Evaluation and prizes

IFIA ECO Jury evaluated the registered green inventions.  The Award Ceremony was organized on 30 October at 11:00 h, Nuremberg, Messezentrum Hal 12.

The IFIA Rewarding Body was the next:

Adam Rylski (Poland), Director
Alireza Rastegar (Iran), ExCo member
Faud Al-Awad (Saudi Arabia), ExCo member
János Szöllösy (Hungary), ExCo member
Yang Yfeng (China), ExCo member
András Vedres, IFIA President

The prizes and winners:

Certificate Appreciation


Josip Bilic: The device using multiple energy sources (BiH)

Lv Ningyi, Cao Peiqing: Intelligent refuse collection vehicle (China)

Liu Jiansheng: Recovery and treatment of COREX cinder from smelting reduction processes (China)

Han Mingming: Storage and transport technology for large storage areds for raw materials in big steel mills (China)

Vinko Rogina: The electronic converter starter "Krijesnica" (Croatia)

Ante Kelava: Wind turbine with aerodynamic blades (Croatia)

János Mátraházi: Roof wind turbines (Hungary)

Hadi Hosseini: Producing electricity from smoke (Iran)

Mostafa Madanipour Kermanshahi: The making of composite use of polymer waste and lingocellulose materials waste (Iran)

Mojtaba Ranjbar et al.: Colour for streets and roads with anti absorption quality prevent pollutions and lightening with high durability (Iran)

Mojtaba Ranjbar et al.: Fibrous glue with adhesive quality in all levels (Iran)

Azadeh Sharafi Badr: Gama eye: detector of visible and invisible rays, dosimeter and fire alarm (Iran)

Pouyan Pirdeir: Flings absorber (Iran)

Seyed Hadi Abtahi: Process, system and apparatus of radial irrigation and irrigation of regular and irregular lands (Iran)

Ali Jafari Moheb: Solar-sweet water production (Iran)

Hae-kyung Ki: Ground safety consent (Korea, Rep. of)

Wan-gi You: The apparatus of multi washing with a wash (Korea, Rep. of)

Tae-su Joo: LED Security and stores the cooling device, streetlight (Korea, Rep. of)

Yong-kuk Choi: Letter, Icon and character type optical sensor light switch using E. L. sheet (Korea, Rep. of)

Tuan Noor Maznee Tuan Ismail et al.: Green polyurethane for ornamental products (Malaysia)

Abdul Hamid Adom et al: Networked control systems for intelligent green buildings (Malaysia)

Issam Ahmed Mohammed: A new innovative composite from polystyrene waste (Malaysia)

Abdul Latif Ahmad et al: Indigenous Biomedical Lateral Flow Membrane (Malaysia)

M.N. Mohamad-Ibrahim et al.: EnviroSens: A nature-inspired indoor air quality monitoring system (Malaysia)

Maciej Rafalowski et al.: High pressure discharge lamp suitable for lighting cultures of plants in greenhouses (Poland)

Adam Myszkowski: Multipiston radial pump for small water-power plants (Poland)

Eugenia Anghel et al.: Polymer covered woven fabric intended especially for strategic naval systems (Romania)

Mircea Radu et al.: Planting equipment for forestry seedlings in cultivated soil (Romania)

Horia Chiriac et al.: Selective shielding system for high frequency electro mgnetic radiation (Romania)

Eros Alexandru Patroi et al.: Metallic micro-wire for electromagnetic shields fabric (Romania)

Dan Coada et al.: Rotary engine with gravitational thermal tubes (Romania)

Mihai Prundianu et al.: Advanced nanomaterials for longterm protection of metals and constructional steel (Romania)

Mihai Prundianu et al.: Nano structured ecological flame retardant and self-sanitizing coating (Romania)

Dan Ursescu et al.: Multifuell pulsatory combustion chamber (Romania)

Florian-Petre Daia et al.: Device for vortex reduction and growth of the oxygenation degree of turbine driven water (Romania)

Steluta Nisipeanu et al.: Antifungal protective ointment (Romania)

Steluta Nisipeanu et al.: Chemisafe - Method and software to classify the chemicals in hazard classes (Romania)

D. Kaushanskiy, V. Demyanovskiy: TEMPOSCREEN Innovative technology (Russia)

Alexander Potanin: Solid-State Secondary Power Supply (Russia)

U.V. Kirichenko et al.: A device for forced aeration water bodies (Russia)

Gennady Paramonov, Vladimir Kovalevsky: Chlorate cartridge gas generator (Russia)

Alexander Golovanov et al.: Method for plate low-alloy rolled steel product manufacture (Russia)

Yuri Fedorichev et al.: Method of manufacture for high strength weldable rebars (Russia)

Alsabban, Wesam Hassan: Green Falcon II (Saudi Arabia)

Abdulvahap Cenap Bülbün: Atomized powder detergent free of synthetic surface active agent (Turkey)


For Ecology Medal (10)



Ernst Bärenstecher, Ernst Wächter: Thermo Splitter - device for energy recovery from waste water (Germany)

Afshin Shahbeigy, Azin Shahbeigi: New generation of solar collectors and high efficiency converter with cleanser system and protector (Iran)

Lee Gil Woo: Plasma air sterilization deorization LED lamp (Korea)

Srimala Sreekantan at al: Titano: An Excellent Air Purifier (Malaysia)

Abu Hassan Abdullah et al.: E-Hound for volatile chemical detection (Malaysia)

Boleslaw Mazurek et al.: Ecological, solar power station (Poland)

Elena David et al.: Selective adsorbent for simultaneous removal of carbon dioxide (Romania)

Nikolay Melnikov et al.: Method and device of waste water purification (Russia)

Wafa S. Aljuaid: Lithium polymer advanced battery (Saudi Arabia)

Isik Tarakçioglu: Textile based air heater solar collector (Turkey)


Grand Eco Prize (2)




Wang Fayuan, Wuhan Fayuan: Spatial sound absorption body (China)

                                         Hanafi Ismail: FruitPlast - Biodegradable Plastic (Malaysia)



Green Invention Oscar




Raisz Iván, Barta István: Methanol Synthesis from Communal Waste (Hungary)